Association of Alberta farmers with a 100-year history  needed to modernize their digital channels

Association of Alberta farmers with a 100-year history needed to modernize their digital channels

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The challenge

With the event of COVID, it became even more imperative to provide their members with an online digital experience with a variety of options such as membership self service reports, buy online and pick-up in store, buy online and pick-up anywhere, and agriculture related marketplace that expanded the product catalog making UFA a one stop shop for the farming community.​

Being a traditional company with brick & mortar stores, UFA needed to modernize their digital channels to match the changing demographics and expectations of their members​.


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How we did it

VASS took up the initial challenge of rolling out self service reporting to the members of UFA, within a 3 month first phase of SAP Commerce. The first phase also included the implementation of SAP Customer data cloud as the Identity and Access mgmt solution. New forms were developed in CDC that allowed members to sign up and request access to the reports.

In the second phase, VASS extended the SAP Commerce solution to implement Buy Online Pick-up in Store. After successfully rolling this out, the solution was further optimized to include Buy Online Pick up Anywhere, giving the members greater flexibility to choose a pick up location.

The vision for endless aisle was implemented by the means of creating a marketplace for 3rd party sellers. Mirakl Marketplace was the solution of choice and in the initial roll out a set of 100+ suppliers were on-boarded to load their products into the catalog.

The result

UFA y SAP Commerce


  • 100% onboarding of all members into the portal ​
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and revenue driven through the portal​
  • Modernization of IT infrastructure leading to improved agility to respond to business needs​
  • Increase in cross selling and up selling that positively impacted revenue​
  • Integrated with SAP Customer Data Cloud to manage member identity, preference and privacy​
  • Linked members in families together to get a holistic view of the household​
  • Gave customer service access to the commerce portal so they could assist online members with their queries and help them to complete check out​
  • Streamlined the check out experience, making it as simple as possible to complete the purchase journey


  •  Integrated with SAP Customer Data Cloud to manage member identity, preference and privacy​
  • Implemented SAP Marketing Cloud to drive personalization and cross selling on the Commerce platform​




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