Energy, Utilities & Environment


We enable our clients to materialize the opportunities deriving from energy transition, with the aim of providing clean, competitive, and safe energy to create a more sustainable economy.

Our expertise

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We elevate customer engagement and operational efficiency through personalized digital experiences, intelligent enterprise solutions, advanced operational capabilities, green utilities compliance, disruptive technologies leadership, and comprehensive cyber defence services. Prioritizing human capital, we focus on upgrading digital skills and fostering an agile culture for internal transformation.

Our value proposition

Clean, competitive, and safe energy for the economy

  • Business Growth, Customer Engagement & Operations

  • Intelligent Enterprise (Data &AI)

  • Advanced Operational Capabilities & Asset Management

  • Green Utilities & ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

  • Disruptive Technologies

  • Cyber Defence & Brand monitoring

  • Human Capital

Our digital solutions

We provide value through best digital practices and solutions

Business Growth & Customer Engagement and Operation

  • New commerce
  • Digital Strategy
  • Intelligent onboarding
  • Store Experience transformation
  • Loyalty

Intelligent Enterprise Data & AI

  • IA generative, AI, Big Data
  • Computer vision
  • Journey to Cloud

Advanced Operational Capabilities &Asset Management

  • Data governance, Intelligent Process Automatization, BPM-Low Code, Process Mining
  • Cloud strategy, Edge computing, IT&OT Integration
  • Document Asset Operation, Asset Management, Infrastructure monitoring, Mobile workforce

Human Capital

  • Employee Experience
  • Knowledge Management
  • Digital workplaces
  • VASS University
  • Talent as a service

Green Utilities & ESG

  • ESG Platform
  • Carbon emissions
  • Green Finance
  • Observatory and Sustainability Lab
  • Net Zero


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ESG Systems: The road to simplified sustainability monitoring

ESG Systems: The road to simplified sustainability monitoring

AI’s Potential to Tackle Climate Change

AI’s Potential to Tackle Climate Change

The Role of AI in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The Role of AI in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

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