Strategic keys of App Factory in Public Administrations

23 Aug 2021

Today we talk about the Citizen Oriented Administration App Factory (Factory service for application development). Last February, the Spanish Government published the Digitalization Plan for Public Administrations from 2021 to 2025. A plan launched after the AI ​​strategy in the form of forced digitization by the pandemic, which updates and contains everything related to the modernization of  NextGeneration fund management for national recovery.

Let’s make a summary of its implementation, adding also data of the improvement of the user experience of the citizenship GobTechLab (Citizen Laboratory of Technological Innovation in the Administration) and the new digital identity model.

App Factory application in Public Administrations

First, let’s give the context in which this digitization plan was born:

• Lockdown has affected the work and services provided by the Public Administrations. However, little by little, the situation is being reversed, and both Administrations and citizens are gradually returning to face-to-face work.

• Brussels has imposed a dynamic strategy, with artificial intelligence as one of the basic elements, and eAdministration is the first one to be obliged to comply with its conditions.

• The aid through European NextGeneration funds, imposes digital transformation as its main objective and requires the use of its resources to ensure the management is carried out within the established deadlines.

Objectives of the Public Administration Digitization Plan

The digital government and digital public services strategy have three main objectives:

1. Make the digital services of the Public Administrations efficient, secure, and reliable. It consists of the development of more inclusive and efficient services that are personalized, proactive and have quality.

2. A data driven public administration. Modernizing the Administration to be able to design public policies in accordance with the Spanish social, economic and territorial reality.

3. Democratizing access to emerging technologies. The Government Plan jointly coordinates in all Public Administrations the technological revolution brought about by the irruption of technological tools such as AI or new data analytics systems.

Services for citizens improvement

With a budget of more than 2.6 billion euros, the SGAD (Secretary General for Digital Administration) oversees directing, coordinating, and executing the Administration’s digital transformation abilities. Under its governance, what improvements does the Digitization Plan for Public Administrations provide?

Detail of the objectives clear and specific, which can facilitate the achievement of the results.

• A detailed inventory annex of services and publics.

Methodological clarity in its definition of projects. Of four types: driving, ad-hoc, strategic and transversal projects.

• SEDIA (Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence) is incorporated into the organizational structure.

• Support for all administrations.

• Support on lean” projects.

The development of the App Factory supports, consolidates, and supports the Spanish innovation ecosystem. At VASS we know institutions and public entities that are interested in seeking innovative solutions to their service provision challenges. Parameterizing problems and defining specific challenges is the first step. Do you want to continue with us?

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