Insurance digitalisation: more than the creation of online channels

The demands and needs of customers have evolved regarding insurance products, and digitalisation has also brought several changes. In fact, it is no longer just about traditional insurers going digital. What has changed in the insurance industry and the way it offers its products? Development of insurance applications It is crucial to optimise the experience […]

02 Aug 2022

IoT opportunities for telecommunications companies

Connected devices are becoming increasingly more common. Smart fridges, wearables capable of measuring our pulse, heaters that connect remotely, and so on. This not only applies at home, but IoT is also useful in companies and factories as it allows greater control in detecting errors and problems. The telecommunications sector benefits from all this usage […]

20 Jul 2022

3 basic applications of Blockchain in the banking sector

One of the main characteristics of Blockchain technology is the fact that it is decentralised, distributed, programmable and immutable. In other words, there is no owner of the Blockchain, all participants have a copy, it contains portions of code (Smart Contracts) and once something is written, it cannot be deleted nor modified. Its applications are […]

11 Jul 2022

From multichannel to omnichannel in telco customer service

Multi-channel and omni-channel are terms that seem similar but are very different from the customer’s point of view, and therefore, telcos need to evolve in this sense. This will enable them to improve their customer service and ensure user satisfaction. But what should telecommunications companies consider when taking this step? Multichannel or omnichannel? Multi-channel is […]

11 Jul 2022