Comencé a trabajar en Innovation & Business Value Manager at VASS en el año 2017. El mundo de la innovación es muy emocionante porque siempre debe mantenerse actualizado con la aparición de nuevas tecnologías que le permitan evolucionar y convertirse en un negocio rentable. Mi experiencia profesional ha estado relacionada con empresas mundiales de telecomunicaciones y consultoría, trabajando en diferentes áreas de tecnología de la información, innovación, consultoría de negocios, ventas, marketing y operaciones. Me apasionan los nuevos desafíos tecnológicos, los negocios y las nuevas tendencias digitales. Equipos de gestión y trabajo dinámico para crear nuevos productos, marketing de productos y oportunidades de negocio.

The importance of ESG criteria for investors

ESG (Environmental, Social & Government) criteria go beyond baseline performance. This acronym represents a call for companies to better their public image, and so better serve and represent everything and everyone they touch. stakeholders, employees, communities, consumers, and the environment. These criteria are essential for the investment environment, especially as the market skews towards younger […]

Analyzing NFTs: Can digital art become the financial asset of the future?

The financial sector has existed in a period of profound transformation and growth for some years now. The changes are unstoppable, from the digitalization of banking to the emergence of neo banks. Even currency itself has gone digital, with cryptocurrency emerging as one of the trendiest assets in finance. Speaking of which: enter the “NFT”, […]

16 Apr 2023

Why is customer interaction essential in the telecommunications industry?

The telecommunications industry is very competitive and fast-moving, and the area of customer communication is not an easy one by any means. However, providing a good service is essential for any company in this sector, regardless of the type of service it offers. Today, it is clear that in order to be successful in telecommunications, […]

20 Jun 2022

Accelerating the transformation of the telecoms sector with No Code platforms

The pandemic has unleashed a big pressure on businesses across all industries, which have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation like never before. The telecommunications sector was no exception.  New forms of development such as Low Code and No Code platforms have emerged in recent years to help companies build platforms and more easily […]

01 Jun 2022

Benefits and challenges of Cloud Computing implementation in the banking sector

Cloud computing is capable of accelerating innovation and the transformation of companies, including those in the banking sector. This cloud-based technology (instead of its own physical servers) stands out for its low costs, as well as for the speed, agility, and security it offers to banks. It opens up a wider world of possibilities for […]

01 Jun 2022

RegTech: the future of the insurance industry

Evolving business models and the proliferation of innovative technologies are accelerating change within the insurance industry. While insurers recognise that they need to innovate, they are often hampered by the obligation to address ongoing regulatory challenges and associated compliance costs. However, insurers are beginning to look to new technologies for all areas of their business, […]

01 Jun 2022

How will the Metaverse affect the media?

The Metaverse has been an incredibly hot topic in recent months. Understanding and acknowledgement of its wider effect was slow to come at first, but Facebook’s name change was not merely coincidental – it was an emblematic of industry-wide recognition of the concept. To wit, Facebook/Meta was just the beginning: others are quickly following suit, […]

10 Mar 2022

Financial sector moves ever closer to sustainability

For some time now, asset managers have been offering sustainability-focused products to meet growing market demand in this area. However, digital investment is becoming increasingly common in Europe, a trend driven by several factors: investor interest, social demands, and the current regulatory environment. Although the European Union is still lagging digitally, this growth indicates its […]

08 Dec 2021

The importance of Digital Identity and identifying relevant trends

Companies are continually adopting new digital technologies to increase operational agility and add value for their customers. This means that core business processes must also adapt to different customer, employee, and partner segments. Likewise, there is a requisite adjustment period to new hosting models and devices to ensure secure access to systems and applications. This […]

01 Dec 2021

Request to Pay: A new approach to payment processing

Open Banking and regulations both at the European level and in other regions of the world are driving innovation in the financial sphere and the emergence of new means of payment. Among them is a new type of payment, whose regulation was launched in November 2020 and is called “Request to Pay” or R2P. This […]

17 Nov 2021

The future of banking is sustainable

Sustainability is increasingly monopolising covers, banners, and an important space in the decision-making process of customers, thus forcing companies to incorporate it into their processes, suppliers, materials, marketing campaigns, etc. However, how is sustainability understood from the world of banking? Which areas can be improved on the environmental or social level? There are many innovations in […]

The beginning of the cookieless era

The cookieless era is about to start. The legal changes introduced by the European Data Protection Regulation were aimed at guaranteeing the protection of the user’s personal details, a fact that affects online marketing campaigns directly. In view of this situation, Google and other companies have started getting rid of third-party cookies. This is how a period change begins. […]

14 Oct 2021

The role of technology in banking hypercustomisation

Banking is a sector that contains enormous amounts of information about its customers, both individuals and companies, and about further data about the environment. Over the years, this information has been very useful for calculating risks, creating new financial products or leading the banks’ strategies. But there is an increasingly popular use which may be beneficial […]

12 Oct 2021

Transforming the customer relationship through a holistic approach

A holistic view implies all kinds of changes in the relationship with customers. Nurturing the customer’s experience with the brand is fundamental. Many telecoms companies fail in this mission, which impoverishes their brand image. To achieve good results, leveraging different communication channels is essential. What are the keys? Customer experience and holistic vision Customer centricity […]

10 Oct 2021

The best consumer service in the energy sector

When we talk about consumer service in the energy sector, we found ourselves in a very traditional sector in which this need had not even been laid out until recently. However, competition is increasingly aggressive, the new business models burst into the energy market, and subscribers are becoming more and more demanding, which is why we will have […]

Towards sustainable energy: future trends

Energy is moving towards sustainability, customer service or electrification. Renewable energies are increasingly important and environmental criteria already figure among the demands made by our society, which drives energy companies to make changes in their business, as well as in the way they do things, produce and commercialise energy. In this context, what are the market […]

Resilience as an information security guarantee

Information security must be based on resilience. Facing more and more sophisticated cyber attacks, insurance companies have to effectively protect the data in custody. This is of paramount importance because this information is very sensitive and any mistakes may cost both the company and the customer dearly. The importance of resilience Resilience is important for the […]

05 Sep 2021

Digital onboarding, how does it affect the insurance sector?

Digital onboarding encourages users to become customers. Increasing sales is a goal  that all businesses need to bear in mind. The insurance sector is not unaware of this rule, which is why it has to rely on techniques, technologies and methodologies that boost its services. We will now explain this concept and how it can be applied […]

05 Sep 2021

Technology Trends for the real world: from AI to hyper-automation

Nowadays, it is essential (not to mention fascinating) to always keep up with innovation and technology in the business world, what developments are coming down the pipeline, and where the cutting edge is aimed. At VASS, we have been focusing on analyzing these trends and folding them into our own projects, clients, and market movements. […]

03 Sep 2021

Is it possible to simplify processes within the education system?

If the management of the education system, both public and private, already turned out to be complex considering the large amount of information which is necessary to handle (students, marks, records, subjects, training programmes, teachers, etc.), the pandemic has furthered pressure to this context, thus displaying the need for greater efficiency and digitalisation of systems. […]

03 Sep 2021

A more sustainable industry without giving up profitability. Is it possible?

We find ourselves in a world in which the consumption of goods and services is moving upwards and the business models are being modified to meet the consumer’s demands. However, these needs are increasingly complex and start including an important ethical component that requires companies to take a new factor into account: sustainability. The industrial sector has […]

03 Sep 2021

Strategic keys of App Factory in Public Administrations

Today we talk about the Citizen Oriented Administration App Factory (Factory service for application development). Last February, the Spanish Government published the Digitalization Plan for Public Administrations from 2021 to 2025. A plan launched after the AI ​​strategy in the form of forced digitization by the pandemic, which updates and contains everything related to the […]

How to create and effectively use a B2B funnel

In the telecommunications industry, the concept of the B2B funnel has risen as a growing force of innovation: a technological one-to-one that facilitates business-to-business interactions.  Why is an inbound marketing strategy vital for a B2B funnel? Data shows that customers are wary of businesses upon first interaction: over half are unwilling to make a transaction […]

12 Jul 2021

What is process mining and what can it bring to banking?

The banking sector is currently undergoing a profound digital transformation process. This digitization is not only key to recovery following COVID-19, but it is also a requirement for anyone wanting to stay competitive within the banking sector. However, this transformation is not always easy, and must start from a deep internal knowledge of what a […]

First steps in Process Mining for Telcos

Process mining allows us to obtain a dynamic and accessible visual representation of a data sequence, enabling a fresh look at and in-depth understanding of what is happening in a telco process. Once this insight is gained, and the big “Eureka!” moment happens, behavioral analysis is more easily taken care of. This snowballs to more […]

Data Insights to drive the new banking era

The banking environment is rapidly changing. With the rise of new competitors such as FinTech, the consistent updates of standing regulations, the companies that survive are those that drive innovation and better customer service. In today’s landscape, that means adapting to a digital environment. At VASS, we have created Cleo Banking: an AI-based digital platform […]

Ecommerce & Retail: pursuing sustainability through digital growth

While some companies still exist that are either 100% online or brick-and-mortar, the majority of today’s businesses follow a hybrid model. Therefore, it makes no sense to separate eCommerce and physical retail, and for the most part, strategies in any direction (including sustainability) must be synergized. More specifically, sustainability is growing as an operant buzzword […]

23 Feb 2021