A Global Browser to transform the business

An integral solution, new opportunities

The secret of how an unique interface is capable to stop with the loss of information, labour frustration and extra costs through the use of our Global Browser.

Transformation of knowledge

With a presence in all the continents and even in the IBEX 35, our customer, spanish company of promotion and infrastructure and renewable energies management which counted on multiple tools, each of them with an specific feature to the management of documents within the company. However, many of them were not shared among all areas of the company and others were only available to some employees, which lead to engender great loss of data and consequently to the employee´s frustration.

Thus, the multinational company decided to invest in the development of an unique interface where consulting the information from the different data repositories became a simple action to any of its members and, as skilled experts in making simple what is complex, they trusted on us to accomplish the Project.

Artificial Intelligence and “on-cloud” systems: Our solution

A Global Browser within the organisation, a system capable of gather all the stored data in the different silos in order to be searched through a centralized system was what it was demanded from the Company´s needs. For such reason, we proposed to integrate all these systems in an unique Global piece through an “on cloud” platform. Only keeping the processes of extraction and obtention of the information updates on “on-premise” customer´s infrastructure, allowing us to reduce the timings of provision of the infrastructure from several weeks to a few days.

A complex proyect which could only be accomplished thanks to the development of new IA algorithms and to the implementation of diverse solutions able to extract the latent knowledge in the data already stored and the know-how on the part of the employees. All supported by neurolinguistic techniques which allow to identify and address the users real needs and facilitate the use of the platform for the employees.

Global Browser: More security, sharing and communication

A Global Browser, an advanced management platform of knowledge to the correct acquisition, storing, processing and sharing of information and know-how within the company which, besides:

  • Guarantees the security of the information at establishing specific controls to avoid unauthorised access.
  • It offers an unique access point to all the information generated by the company, eliminating the difficulties to find the relevant information in time and shape.
  • It promotes the sharing of information among the employees, which results in a more efficient operating.
  • Increases communication among employees, resulting in costs reduction related to the repetition of activities.

A solution which integrates all of these systems in an unique global piece

Technology factsheet

For this Project we built a solution based on Elastic to be able to perform centralized searchings which give back results found in their systems of documental management. From this very same technology we also developed a personalization of the security management to adapt it to diverse casuistries. Besides, to the generation of dashboards of working data and security of the platform, coming from Audit Log (Elastic Stack Feature) caught through Filebeat and Logstash.


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