B2B Projects: Another way of selling

Technology to boost people

The user experience consists of numerous small details, thus, developing platforms and B2B projects which help us to understand them is a major investment.

Technology at the service of efficiency

On this occasion, an energetic multinational in its bid to innovation and the energy of the future, searched for improving the experience of their customers through the digitalization of the management business cycle, emphasizing the activities performed by the provincial chief, in relation with other areas and with the working techniques applied in such activities.

 The goal of the Project was to generate a tool which provided support to the team of  Provincial chiefs in the area of Direct Sales, unifying the different platforms and making the sales processes of the commercial network more effective in order to offer their customers a End to end vision. Monitoring portfolios, cost comparison and customer segmentation.

VASS technologies

Our development for B2B projects

To achieve these objectives, we chose Salesforce Sales Cloud to help us to implement the Management model of change for B2B projects within the Hub of omnichannel from the laboratory of Digital Transformation of our customer for digital cases associated to the user´s experience, which was also conceptualized and designed for this customer, carrying out the following actions: 

  • Define and prioritize the user´s stories, the Governance model, features to be developed…to dispose of a MVP. 
  • Analize and define the order processes and their translation into sales within the commercial process. 
  • Develop a new platform via Agile methodology with Sprints under the control of the Product Owner of the project.
  • Execute the load, data migration and integrations through batch processes of information coming form different external systems.  
  • Automate processes to send notifications, créate specific tasks to certain roles, discharge approval and other procedures making the business processes more effective. 

Complex needs, simple solutions

A higher-level technological solution fully customized able to:

  • Create an unique platform to the commercial management  of customer accounts for the Provincial Chiefs in the área of Direct Sales. 
  • To give shape to the commercial objectives and installation, as well as generate the system of substitutions for the commercial team.
  • Improve the commercial follow-up.

An unique platform for the commercial management of all accounts

Technology factsheet

The leader of CRM solutions, Salesforce is currently pushing the growth of more than 150.000 companies worldwide no matter their size. An unique way to bring over companies and customers. This platform allows us to offer a personalized experience to the users thanks to its integrated CRM platform: Salesforce Customer 360. 

A technological tool of first level by which we can improve the marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer service and the IT of your company among others. 


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