In a world in constant development, being capable of adapting is a need. For this reason, cloud solutions are the perfect tool to look to the future.


Santander Group wanted to turn its corporate website into the meeting point for all its interest groups (i.e. employees, customers, stakeholders, investors, journalists, and job seekers) to provide them with the most accurate and reliable information from the bank, together with real and inspirational stories. Design, user experience, and technology had to come together to create an open platform which would meet these needs.

Thus, it launched a new corporate website with a more innovative image, with special attention to external and internal user experience, and on the basis of a flexible platform which facilitates consumption and content management.

The development was based on a 100% cloud strategy which provided it with enough flexibility and agility to launch an MVP at the end of 2019. Since then, it has evolved rapidly with ongoing improvements.

New strategies, new technologies

Needs met by means of Adobe Experience Manager hosted on the cloud of Microsoft Azure. An end-to-end solution developed in collaboration with an important ecosystem of stakeholders and in which we help customers from the analysis of requirements to the production process, and we incorporate SEO projects and website analytics with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

A great challenge in view of the trust Santander Group has put in VASS for the execution of such a far-reaching project. Thanks to team work, we managed to meet deadlines and we stuck to the plan.

After the launch of this project, VASS takes responsibility for the corrective maintenance service, developed on the basis of Scrum methodology to speed up the process, and for evolutionary maintenance, in charge of evolving the platform to expand its services.

In this sense, evolutionary maintenance is carried out under the same philosophy (agile), which a squad of experts in Scrum methodology took as a basis to develop the project.

Gaining the trust of Santander Group

Thanks to the creation of this platform, Santander Group obtained a new open corporate website that incorporates a state-of-the art technology, in line with its image of a digital and responsible bank, thus making it possible to continue along the same lines for future projects.

This project has become the cornerstone of a series of initiatives by different institutions of Santander Group, which made the most of the same platform and the same successful method, with the backing of VASS.

Implementation and production in record time of only 5 months.

New open corporate website

Implementation and production in record time of only 5 months.

Technological details:

Content management system, Digital Asset Management, digital forms and registrations and a Cloud service are the four main pillars on which Adobe Experience Manager is based. A powerful combination of technologies which enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for the management of digital content and assets. A powerful tool which, in addition to the security Microsoft Azure cloud service manager provides us, results in the perfect technological combination for the development of our projects.