The importance of personalized campaigns. Creation of a mobile-first platform that will cover the whole conversion funnel.

The challenge of loyalty

Phone companies’ sale of mobile terminals was generally associated with long-term contact with the company. Today, and due to the incorporation of new competitors and external agents, the sale of terminals by Telco companies has dropped dramatically. The customer loyalty model is reinvented with this project to make sure that the customer will remain in the company.

This project aims to have a channel that offers a distinguishing user experience and shoots up conversion ratios and sale of terminals.

A platform for the purchase of terminals

As a technological expert, VASS builds the system, a digital platform orientated towards the sale and renewal of terminals. In this way, direct marketing towards customers becomes easier.

The solution is mobile-first and responsive, capable of generating personalized offers for each user, linking them to different URLs which adapt to their particular needs.

A complete contracting funnel is developed through the platform. The user can select a mobile terminal among the different options s/he is offered through a 3-terminal carousel. Besides, s/he can rapidly obtain information about the other terminals and the company, check his/her delivery details (address, e-mail…) easily, choose the number of payments into which s/he wishes to divide the terminal in his/her invoice and give his/her opinion through a short survey.

It turns out to be a quick purchase process that offers a distinguishing user experience and allows for getting a new terminal with very few clicks, by choosing among different payment methods.
Apart from developing the wholesale experience, a back office was designed, based on Liferay’s backend, which contains the necessary modules to manage offers (upload and download of campaign files, registration and order management, etc.).

Following the project’s success, the company decided to expand the model all over the world. In fact, it has already been implemented in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Spain.

VASS, a Liferay Platinum Partner

At VASS, we help customers add Real Value to their innovation processes. It is always based on high specialization and technological differentiation but flexible and simple: “The courage to make it simple”.

VASS will contribute to the project’s development as a Liferay Platinum Partner. Our team currently specializes in Liferay and comprises eighty expert profiles within a team of multidisciplinary consultants with over ten years of experience in portal projects similar to the one being developed.

As a Liferay partner, VASS has vast technological experience in its competence centers in Spain and Latin America, consisting of trained and certified professionals in the different Liferay competencies. Besides, both companies are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions.

Customer experience, conversion, and loyalty maximisation

Thanks to the development of this project, the sale of mobile terminals has considerably increased, which results in a significant increase in the conversion ratio and, as a result, in revenue.

Thanks to the personalised experience provided by this solution, a high satisfaction and loyalty level has been achieved by means of campaigns aimed at customers, as reflected in their assessments.

Campaign management also has become much easier through the integrated backoffice, which results in cost and time saving.

Finally, it is worth saying that it turns out to be a very versatile solution. Apart from the terminal sale experience, other types of campaigns may also be launched for the sale of different products and services, adapting to the company needs at any time and in any of the areas in which the solution has been implemented.

High satisfaction and loyalty level

Increased sale of mobile terminals

For the development of this project, we have relied on Liferay technology, a portal for the management of open source content written in Java with which VASS is very familiar.