Portal for management of data governance business processes

Creation of a single and accessible portal, where all the information related to business processes of the Data Governance Department is centralised.

Knowledge transformation

With the objective of carrying out a digital transformation within the Data Governance team devoted to the construction and management of infrastructures and/or services, the technology department decided to digitalise all the Data Governance business processes, improving efficiency and integration with third-party systems. To do so, they suggested a cloud platform that would allow the transformation and scalability of the functionality.

data governance

Our solution: low code “on-cloud” platform

Thanks to the implementation of a low code tool, we have been created a portal capable of managing Data Governance.

Among the main advantages and improvements obtained, there is one which needs to be highlighted: centralisation of information on a single platform. Besides, efficiency has been improved, together with the duty cycles of business processes. It has also allowed for improving data quality or information homogenisation, by integrating the different systems and/or interlocutors involved in the same portal. This way, system information like document management systems (DMS), databases on premise, or SAP are available and aligned in all business processes.

It has been possible to facilitate the work of all the departments.

data governance

More centralisation, efficiency and control

Thanks to an app of this kind, important improvements have been achieved:

  • Centralisation of information, so we can have the documents and data in a single tool. Besides, the integration of master data with third-party databases has allowed for maintaining unique and homogeneous data.
  • Efficiency improvement, thanks to the benefits of a BPM tool, response times and life cycles are reduced.
  • Improved control of information: the information is centralised and unique, and it contains the processing data and times of business processes. All the information is parameterised, thus improving the interaction with users and between work teams.

Implementation of a low code platform (Appian), which may be rapidly developed and easily integrated with third-party systems.

Technological details:

For this project, we created a solution based on Appian, with “on cloud” infrastructure. A control panel was built with the aim of managing and configuring business processes, as well as a portal responsible for launching and executing them. All this on the basis of profiles and user capabilities.

Integration with databases has also been made easier and the same is expected with SAP HANA and other apps.

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