Document managemnet: The base for growth

More capacity, flexibility and expertise

A completely updated integral system of easy access for document management to the employees is Paramount for all companies aiming at increasing their efficiency

Information under constant evolution

In this occasion, our customer, spanish company of promotion and management of infrastructure and renewable energies with presence in the  IBEX 35, required to incorporate an outsourced technical office which allowed it to maintain and upgrade its document management system   to achieve the business objectives and those related with the service in terms of flexibility, coverage, quality, efficiency, timetable and cost.

 A Project which had to take into account the set of technical norms and methods used to manage the flow of documents of any type in an organization, allowing the recovery of information from them, establishing for how long these documents must be kept, removing those which are no longer useful and ensuring the indefinite preservation of the most valued by applying principles of economy and rationalization. 

Personalized integral solution

To cover all our customer´s needs regarding Document management, we proposed an integral model implemented by VASS, able to offer the best nexus between the professionals and the the technology through a set of measurable and repeatable processes which lead to predictable results, plus a pool of functional experts and technicians in the environment od Document Management of our customer.

 From this approach, the problems and aspects of each process in the business context can be identified, their impact on the results, the organization, staff and their interrelationships. Besides, this model of Technical Office allows to have several working lines: 

  • Developmental and corrective maintenance. 
  • Technical support.
  • Consultancy and evolution of the platform.

Higher control, higher efficency for the document management

A personalized digital solution thanks to which the following improvements have been achieved: 

  • Higher capacity to face more tasks and faster in the context of document management.
  • Higher visibility regarding task control and effort, an added value within its indicators of response and resolution. 
  • Higher flexibility at peaks of demand to undertake increases in demand in short deadlines together with the incoming of possible  “fast tracks”
  • Higher definition between functional and technical work, allowing a higher degree of  expertise. 
  • Adaptation to the new models of service, which has allowed our customer to adapt to the new needs and requirements of its business faster. 

An integral model able to transform Document Management of our customer

Technology factsheet

The integral model for the Techinical Office of  Document management is only possible thanks to our experience and technical which conform our teams. A solution able to provide responses to all needs of our customer supported under the following four pillars:

  • Working knowledge. We count on a wide experience in the implementation and maintenance of documentary platforms. 
  • Service model. In VASS we work through an standardized model base don solid procedures, tested on numerous customers. 
  • Grading and Capacity Management. We have created a grading process perfectly defined and adaptable to our customers´needs.
  • Service Efficiency. Our service model is focused on achieving an efficiency which guarantees its continuity. 

Besides, the Technical Office Documentum provides support to the document management of all divisions of our customer in such a way that all business areas count with close collaboration in roder to define their model of data, structures and security, among others. It also leads development, maintenance and evolution of ore than 60 custom-built applications, developed over  Documentum D2, Documentum Webtop and Documentum Taskspace, covering all stages of the Project and other areas as contract management, invoicing, human resources, services, committees, TIC, smong other functionalities. 


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