Fashion and technology: the binomial for the e-commerce development

The art of simplifying processes

To be able to notify individuals and develop services no matter the distance is a necessity for all those companies which potential market is the world. Welcome to the e-commerce.

B2B: The bridge to sales

Cortefiel, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro, Women’ Secret and Fifty compose the Tendam Group, one of the main european companies in the fashion sector with presence in more than 80 countries, more than 2000 selling points and an income which excedes 1.150 millions of euros.  

A giant of the specialised fashion chains which needed a new B2B platform capable of adapting  to the following needs; upgrading, scalability, remote Access, mobility, analysis and order tracking among others, which required a market development. A platform able to offer a common space, both for the team and collaborators and which simplified porcesses and communication.

E-commerce technology for the development

To response to all our customer´s needs, we elaborated a digital solution based on the Magneto technology, capable of: 

  • Adapt to the business.
  • Create a community of Partners and Developers.
  • Produce Themes ecosystems and Extensions. 
  • Integrate via API. 
  • Integrate ADFS. 
  • Host catalogues and market prices.
  • Present flexible rules of discount. 
  • Improve the user´s experience
  • Implement a cloud platform.

Everything in accordance with the implementation of an Agile working methodology, carried out by a gropu of experts with a high level of knowledge in both the business and the Magneto tool, aiming at providing a solution capable of being the turnaround manager of the multinational future. 

One solution, multiple benefits

Thanks to the implemented solutions, the Tendam Group obtained numerous benefits  among which we can find:

  • A higher accessibility due to the implementation of a responsive web.
  • An optimized user experience. 
  • Empowerment of the mobility process.
  • Order customization based on size profiles and grouping of stores. 
  • Segmentation of the catalogue of products. 
  • Access to quick shopping of multiple products.
  • Possibility to export and import order proposals. 
  • Multidimensional analysis of the cart.
  • Flexible integration of data of the final customer.
  • Visibility from the B2B cart to the final sale B2C. 

Simplification of all processes

Better user experience

Technology factsheet

On this occasion, with the objective of offerting the best service to the Tendam Group, we chose the Magneto e-commerce technology, leader in the electronic commercial sector to apdat and personalized all services required by our customer to accomplish the next stage of development. A 100%  customizable able to integrate all the business processes of the company, which also has a wide number of posible extensions which facilitated us the development of a versatile, scalable and robust project. The best way to create an unique user experience able to facilitate the sales targets of the brand. 


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