Implementation of a SAP full service leasing solution

LeasePlan Australia is part of the Dutch LeasePlan Corporation and manages and finances a worldwide fleet of approximately 1.4 million vehicles. LeasePlan operates in more than 20 European countries as well as the United States, Brazil, India, New Zealand and Mexico. Large enterprises, as well as medium-sized businesses and public entities work with LeasePlan for their cars, transporters and haul trucks as well as for services like maintenance and repair.


Fleet management and leasing businesses face tough competition, growing customer demand, and legal complexity. LeasePlan faced the additional challenge of achieving competitive revenue goals while increasing efficiencies. As a service provider, the company is responsible for supporting its customers in a reliable, innovative and flexible way to keep them mobile at any time. LeasePlan Australia discovered in SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a huge potential to increase efficiencies uncover and deliver additional value to their customers. The 30-year-old legacy system, connected to 20 other systems, obstacle to further business development. Additionally there was no integration between the web application and the backend. VASS and the SAP solution was chosen from a multitude of international competitors.


Because financing is complex and affected by a large number of stakeholders and lobby groups, a clean integration for the accounting systems was essential. The SAP Leasing solution was implemented to meet all of the needs for all processes of the leasing company including Price Management, Offer Management, Marketing, Resale and Factoring. LeasePlan Australia was able to improve its efficiency by 15% within a short period of time through the adoption of web portals for clients and suppliers. The organization also managed to streamline its processes and to reduce complexity by automation of the Leasing Life Cycles, and the integration of all established systems into one core system. Finally, a global template was developed to unify all products and processes in all markets.


Implemented SAP Full Service Leasing:

    • Delivered customer portal with leasing-on-demand functionality.
    • Enabled supplier portal for automatic CRM contract synchronization with SRM PO.
    • Delivered automatic supplier selection based on geo data, ranking and products.

Implemented supplier portal for automatic confirmation.


  • CRM Service
  • ECC VC incl. JATO
  • Lease Account Engine
  • ISA
  • Biller Direct, Enterprise Portal (EP 7)
  • Business Warehouse (BW) and Process
  • Integration (PI)
  • Product Management Integration