New commercial models omnichannel: A 360 perspective

The secret to provide value to your services

Overwhelmed by the number of platforms, services and technologies available to it, itis important to answer the question: What is what users really value? Which are the benefits of the omnichannel technologies?

Omnichannel necessities

Global energy company commited with a sustainable world, our customer wanted to ensure its digital global vision of the business providing support to new commercial models omnichannel through a Bi-Modal Operation between the business department and IT, focusing on implementing a structure oriented to decision-taking based on data, and implementing the final customer´s visión and the distribution channel as an strategic asset to the future growth.

Thus, the multinational company needed from us to develop a technological solution able to fulfill all its necessities:

  • Conceptualization and design of the digital cases in the areas of VVDD, UNLAE and Campaign manager.
  • Development of the designed and conceptualized applications in Sales technology and Marketing Cloud of Sales Force. 
  • Governance and management of the Project teams under Agile models until they are ready for production. 
  • Change management to ensure the adoption on the users´part. 

A different working methodology

Thus, in this project we implemented a Hub Omnichannel solution and a different operating model, with an structured working team which allows to obtain confirmed knowledge of the business and the customers of the company in a continuous and agile way to offer optimum technological solutions.  

  • Management Team: Governance and management of the Digital Hub, align initiatives with the business and the remaining Digital Hubs.
  • Support Team: Apply methodologies and enliven the teams. 
  • Build Team: Conceptualize initiatives and inplement end to end ones.
  • Build & Run Team: Operate the platforms as service, measure and learn from the results. 

And supplementing this team, we find the business layer or Product Owner, which prioritizes the  backlog of the initiatives and evaluates the results, aligning the strategy of Digital Transformation of the organization and the IT Bi-modal of this customer.

More value, less cost

An innovative way of working which has allowed us to design a model of conceptualization and construction of Minimum Factible Products, able to involve the final user from the very beginning, which enables to validate the knowledge as soon as posible, contributing with the máximum value investing the mínimum possible cost and excluding unhelpful initiatives, only building that which really provides value to the user. 

A Project only viable thanks to our wide experience and capacity to develop of the MVP to its immediate arrival to the user and mentoring of the  Product Owner for the prioritization of the  BackLog.

Agile methodology which fosters the relationship between customer-supplier, thanks to its transparency. Enrichment of the information due to data exploitation.


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