Services of application management, portals and documents

Impulse for the public administration

The digital transformation in the public sector involves a new way of interacting with the citizen.

In search of the best document management

To achieve delivering a quality service to the citizen, it is indispensable to equip portals and applications of document management of the ICEX of the highest performance, efficiency and possible functionality. Citizens are each time more demanding and their pace of life more accelerated, consequently, efficiency is a necessity both to provide a good service as well as to optimize time and resources. 

Digitization: The key to development

In VASS we are in charge of carrying out the maintenance of the ICEX applications relative to portals and document management, which includes the web portal set within the organization, both internal and external, together with the set of tools associated to the document management. 

Our technological solution covers: 

  • Corrective maintenance to modify the incorrect functioning without altering the functional specifications of the system. 
  • Evolutionary maintenance to adapt the applications to technical, functional, regulative or organizational changes, including new functionalities, integrations, etc. 

  • Advanced support for final users to provide information of the systems, clarify possible doubts and problem solution, more concretely, final support to the users who manage the Portals content, providing counselling regarding configuration tasks.
  • Attention and resolution of exploitation requests to answer those consultations or concrete requests, both of technical and functional character.
  • Specific training and support to trainers to carry out the transference of knowledge to the training specific teams in charge of training the final users, constantly keeping the knowledge updated. Such training is conveyed under significant changes such as publishing of new Portals, development of new types of content, incorporation of new personnel, etc.
  • Workload and migration of content in systems which are necessary after changes of platform or development of new Portals.

Better user experience, better results

In this case, we have achieved for the ICEX, greater speed and efficiency at the time of solving incidences or new evolutionary developments. We have also improved and added value to the portals and applications of document management, controlling and ensuring the quality of the service of applications management. 

Improvement in the usability of the portals

Greater speed

Technology factsheet

To offer ICEX the most efficient platforms, on this occasion we used the technology Oracle WebCenter.

From the Digital Experience Area of the company, all types of initiatives focused on generating, updating and widen the channel of digital information are led according to a Digital Strategy specifically for each institution. 

In this area, more than 20 years of experience with web portals are accumulated due to more than 500 engineers located in Europe and America, of whom almost 35% are certified in practically all content managers in the market.


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