Technology at the service of the customer´s loyalty

Digitization to bridge the gap between customer and company.

An adapted solution to the existing digital life able to offer the users a personalized service of loyalty and experiences adapted to the required needs.

How to say goodbye to the churn

Part of the Telefónica group, one of the main groups of telecommunications worldwide, Movistar Perú, in search of offering a better service to the customers, contacted us in order to help them to develop Movistar Prix: their loyaltyApp. 

An appreciation program for all its customers with which having Access to exclusive benefits and unique experiences. A way to generate engagement with the consumers via different levels of discounts which can be unlocked according to spectrum and increases the selling of cross-services between different brands.



Thus, PRIX, needed a wide database of active registered users, which enabled the bargaining of Movistar with the companies that wished to position their Brand on the application and thus needed a segmentation of users defined by the total cost of the contracted services, also existing a section for companies (B2B), differentiated plus the possible benefits.

Digital customised solutions

A wide project built on Salesforce technologies conducted through an integration with the current service collected from users and the definition of a Customer Journey, in accordance to the existing moment of consumption each customer is and with one to one communications. A solution capable of covering all the needs required by our customer:

  • Integration with Heroku services for real-time accessibility.
  • Supporting the creation of the strategy to generate consumerism in the different platforms
  • Creation of Customer Journeys which allow automation and consequently, the optimization of the processes and deliveries to the customers.
  • Design and layout of dynamic communications, which will be send to the different customers participating in the RCI. ​
  • Integration with push messaging and own sms service of Telefónica via custom activities. 
  • Deriveralibity Plan ( emails cleaning + IP warming Plan).


Personalization: Key to the user´s experience and loyalty.

A technological solution thanks to which Movistar Prix is capable of: 

  • Perform personalized campaigns offering to all customers exclusive benefits and unique experiences adapted to the required needs. 
  • It counts on a wide database of active registered users, which facilitates the bragaining of Movistar with the companies that wish to position their Brand via personalizing the profile and integrating core systems from  Movistar Perú, The benefits for the users can be determined. 
  • Counts with a segmentation of users defined by the total costs of the contracted services, also existing a section for companies (B2B), differentiated plus the posible benefits. 

+ than 2

million contacts per month

+ than 3

million registered users

Technology factsheet

Self-proclaimed as the CRM #1 in the world, Salesforce currently boosts the growing of more than  150.000 companies in the world regardless their size. An unique way to bring over companies and customers, this platform allows us to offer a personalized experience to the users thanks to the integrated CRM platform: Salesforce Customer 360. A first level technological tool through which we can improve marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer service and the IT of your company, among others.


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