Digital Customer Experience

20 Jun 2020

A globalising world economy, the digitalisation of the business world – exacerbated by the coronavirus, and ever-increasing transparency of customer satisfaction have all led to the rise and recognition of the importance of the Digital Customer Experience.

What is Digital Customer Experience?

So what is ‘digital customer experience’. It’s easy to get lost in the various definitions and explanations of what you can find on the internet. Still, it’s quite straight forward: Digital customer experience is the sum of digital interactions between a customer and a company and the resulting impression that a customer walks away with.

The spotlight has moved towards digital customer experience as more companies make the logical decision to become more digital as their businesses adapt to the modern world. The digitalisation of service has generally garnered a negative reputation in comparison to face-to-face services. Therefore, companies have been striving to improve their digital service.

Why is Digital Customer Experience important?

Effective digital customer experience is absolutely essential in the modern world. As aforementioned, the world (and business) is becoming more and more digital. If companies do not adapt to this fact, then they will undoubtedly struggle. Taking this into account, it invariably means that more and more of their customer service is going to be delivered digitally – especially if we consider the globalisation of the world’s economy.

Many companies have made the fatal error of digitalising their services without giving enough thought as to how this would be accomplished and have suffered the consequences of receiving negative reviews (based on their service) and severely damaging their reputation. That’s where the importance of digital customer experience comes in.

If a company carefully considers the quality of its digital service and ensures that it is done to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations, then their progress is two-fold: they are adapting to the modern world of business and they are ensuring that their customers continue to receive excellent services.

How can Digital Customer Service improves your customer experience?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the customer. It’s easy to do, most of us have been on the receiving end of customer service, and most of us have had at least one bad experience. In fact, without a carefully planned digital customer service, the majority of the time companies will deliver poor customer service.

Perhaps surprising, having a solid digital customer service in place not only maintains a company’s customer service quality but improves it.


Firstly, customers do enjoy the benefits of an efficient service that can be delivered thanks to the digitalisation of business. That means that every company that moves more towards digital service has the opportunity to increase their customer’s satisfaction – if the service is effective.

Secondly, the majority of companies in the market are not providing excellent online customer service. That means that if a company is able to do so, they are ahead of the competition and, most likely, capitalising on their competitors’ poor service.

Finally, recent studies have suggested that companies that digitalise are viewed as more ‘up to date’ and ‘futuristic’ by their clientele (BBC sector report). To reiterate, if companies can deliver quality customer services online, their customers’ level of satisfaction is likely to go up.

Benefits of an effective Digital Customer Service

The benefits of effective digital customer service are plentiful. BBC journalist and economist, Nick Robinson, has gone as far as to say that the benefits of such services determine which companies are going to be the front-runners as the economy moves forward.

Though there are many to be discussed, one key benefit of effective digital customer service is that it works wonders for the reputation of a company. In the modern world, ‘word of mouth’ gets around quickly – and on a global scale! If a company can deliver high quality online services, they not only please the customer that they have directly dealt with, but also ensure that they are improving their global reputation.

Another benefit is that the company will stand out from the competition. As mentioned previously in this article, the majority of the companies are not delivering a high level of digital customer service. If a company can master this area of their business, they will lead their sector to capitalise on their competitors’ mistakes.

A final core benefit is that it ensures that the company is setting itself up to be the company of the future. Digitalisation of the market is inevitable and is happening right now. The companies that understand that online services are pivotal to their success and act upon it are going to be viewed as the companies that are ahead of the game – and the customers will recognise this and come pouring in.

How can we help you

Digital service continues to confuse the masses, and that’s where VASSIT comes in. We specialise in various forms of web development; whether it is intranet, web logging, or online strategies.

We work with the client, not only by being their technology consultant that implements the technology solution but also helping them with the whole transformation, recommending web customisation techniques, commenting on SEO techniques, how to structure the pages, translations – are some key examples.

Digital transformation also means deciding what to do in terms of solving business needs and using a component-based approach so that the inclusion of new elements (time to market) is somewhat quick. We also make a lot of products that are not used by technical staff; that is, we train the companies to create the content and become more self-sufficient.

What added value do we give to the customer?

We help with the whole life cycle, from choosing the platform to identifying their business needs and the technical solution for these business needs, implementation, production and maintenance.

We want to position ourselves as a technological partner. Not only by working on the development of our clients but guiding them throughout the process. We are a dynamic and flexible team that operates onsite, offsite and in mixed teams.


All things considered, if companies aim to be successful as the world economy becomes more and more digitalised, they need to ensure that they are delivering exceptional digital customer experience. Not only will it ensure their security as they move forward; but will also make them more competitive and more successful. The reality is that although the majority of businesses recognise their importance, they do not correctly act upon it. We are a rare example of a meticulous organisation that deeply understands the ins and out of the digital customer experience – and how to make sure the delivery is exceptional.

With us, your company is on the road to growth, invigoration and success.

Gerardo Rodríguez

Head of Digital


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