eCommerce during COVID-19

24 Jun 2020

During the last couple of months, we have seen an unprecedented increase in online sales in practically all its variants, but have the companies adapted to the new normality?

The current situation in electronic commerce

The confinement of the consumers in their homes and the fear of contraction have increased online shopping in Spain. The sectors which have noticed this increase are related to the activities which consumers could do at home: entertainment and culture, school materials, sports, home and furniture, food delivery companies and general food supply. There has also been an increase in local businesses compared to global trade, provoked partly due to the closure of borders. 

Nevertheless, the fashion or tourism industry, which has played a vital role in online sales, has seen a decrease in their figures. The spring fashion campaign was practically lost, and it is unsure when the tourism sector will recover after the measures imposed during the confinement. 

Although the intention of buying increased, this crisis ran into infrastructures which protected against the peaks in buying which collapsed the sector four years ago, during Black Friday and Christmas campaigns. These have not prepared for a high volume of orders; especially now, the companies will try to adapt their activity to the security measures against the spread of the virus. 

We may say that Spanish eCommerce has passed with a significantly good mark during this period but should prepare for what is yet to come. 

The desired normality

This crisis has generated permanent changes in society, many of the measures adopted during the management of the pandemic have come to stay, working from home, family reconciliation and it looks like there will be changes in consumer habits. 

The challenge faced in the desired normality will consider the offer and optimise the processes to maintain sales and margins in an economic crisis framework. 

How are companies facing changes in the model? 

After giving way to a boom in sales, many companies are investing their profits in improving their electronic commerce, paying more attention to the sales through their online channels, new business models also appear due to these times of change. 

Continuing with our vision of full commerce, we help our clients become more efficient from a technological point of view. We adapt the sales journey to the necessities of our clients, improving the process of fulfilment of their eCommerce platforms and managing their business and the publication of their offer in marketplaces to increase their sales and optimise their operations. 

Alberto Pérez Madruga

Project General Manager in vdSHOP

Director de proyectos y arquitecto de sistemas experimentado. Especialmente enfocado al desarrollo de aplicaciones en Internet, sistemas transaccionales complejos y comercio electrónico. Especialidades: Plataformas de comercio electrónico de alto rendimiento basadas en tecnologías, php, Java o .net.


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24 Jun 2020

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