Innovation and talent: VASS Group’s key assets to celebrate its 23rd anniversary

08 Sep 2022

The world has changed a lot since 1999, and technology has evolved drastically with the appearance of new devices, such as smartphones and tablets which have brought about a real revolution, transforming everybody’s lives.   

Digitalisation is everywhere, and the transformation that digital innovation brings is everywhere. Business models are transforming while new ones are emerging.    

In 1999, some of today’s big technology companies and industries did not exist, the internet and digital business models were still in their early ages. In 2022, we reflect on how VASS has adapted to these changes over the years, and elebrates its 23rd anniversary. Key factors are innovation, agility in the face of change and, above all, talent.  

VASS and its ability to adapt to change: from CRM to researching and implementing the latest technologies

How did it all start? When Javier Latasa founded VASS, he began by focusing on CRM and SCM solutions, a very different approach from what we find 23 years later: process transformation, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and others such as Cybersecurity, Customer Experience, and SAP solutions. The list goes on depending on each client’s needs as we continue to grow in an environment of continuous search, testing and innovation.   

VASS was born to bring innovation and offer cutting-edge trends and tools to provide digital solutions. We bet on digital talent as a differential value to offer a higher quality of services.  

Twenty-three years of expansion: more companies, more people, and more stories.  

Covering the possibilities offered by technology is no easy task, so we had to rely on new areas and specialising companies to tackle the challenge.   

In this sense, Nateevo, a company specialising in marketing, digital business and strategy, was created in 2008.   

Nine years later, the Serbatic technology centre was inaugurated followed by the subsidiary specialising in Ecommerce vdSHOP one year later. Then Comunytek, specialising in banking solutions, T4S, incorporated in 2021 and focused on SAP solutions, Ecenta for improving customer experience and finally CRI in digital transformation and Cybersecurity became part of the VASS Group ecosystem.  

To ensure the lifespan of this ecosystem, there is a common and fundamental factor: people. There are already more than 4,000 professionals who are part of this project and help to pursue innovation and excellence daily. And it is not just 4,000 employees but 4,000 stories, 4,000 minds full of talent that are the driving force behind the VASS Group that made these 23 years of history possible.  

International expansion to 25 countries  

Talent keeps on growing but so does the international presence. Today, VASS is present in four continents and 25 countries: Spain, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Benelux, Mexico, Peru, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, and Sweden. This enables us to create a wider client portfolio while transferring the knowledge and learning from each location to the other to achieve joint progress.  

Committed to talent through the VASS Foundation  

Many things have happened in the company during these 23 years. VASS entered the ranking of the 100 best companies to work for in Spain in 2005. It started its international expansion in 2007 and opened an office in Benelux in 2019 to boost its presence in northern Europe. Not to forget the acquisition by One Equity Partners in 2020. But if there is one milestone that particularly marks the path of VASS is the creation of the VASS Foundation in 2019.  

This foundation was created to promote research and training of digital talent with the collaboration of different universities. It is a sign of VASS’ commitment to society and the importance it gives to its most valuable asset, our people.    

Ready for 23 more years?  

At VASS we don’t have dreams, we have goals. The difference is having a plan, defining the next steps, and having the right resources. Innovation is not stopping, and the technology sector continues to grow, so we will continue to ride this wave. There is no doubt that digital transformation is underway in all sectors, so the path is open for many more years of growth. Some of the keys factors staying in the market will be overcoming the talent shortage, getting the right people in place and training where necessary. On the other hand, keeping an eye on technologies, constantly looking for new use cases for customers and, ultimately, maintaining an innovative vision capable of keeping pace with changes in the industry will be essential.  


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