Quantum Computing and GPUs: How can they add value to your business?

19 May 2021

The world of computing is evolving at a daily increasing rate, rendering today’s reality from yesterday’s science fiction. The latest fantastical development? Quantum computing. Harnessing this newest discovery is the key to speeding up statistical analysis to an unprecedented pace and level of efficiency.

In this context of evolution, other areas and technologies such as GPUs are also experiencing explosive growth. The use of GPUs in data centres is growing at around 20% per year. But technology for technology’s sake is not enough: it must be focused, honed to a specific objective to reach its potential.

But how, and in what ways can these developments help us grow? Let’s explore.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing departs from computing’s classical conception and is based on quantum bits (qubits) rather than traditional binary (those more familiar ones and zeros) to communicate. Primary benefits include accelerated operations efficiency, reduced processing time, increased elasticity, sped up computation, and increased security.

Trends in Quantum Computing include:

  • Creation of quantum simulators, which reduce product and service development times
  • Use of quantum systems to simplify and streamline the resolution of complex problems 
  • Adoption of Quantum AI to accelerate the development of autonomous solutions
  • Use in the area of cybersecurity

If it wasn’t previously clear, the positive implications of these trends are universally rooted in every phase of customer engagement: risk management, customer management, business optimisation, targeting and forecasting, trading optimisation, risk profiling, simulators and pricing, fraud detection, encryption, you name it!

The value of a GPU

Closely related to Quantum Computing as another valuable and growing advancement is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). GPUs are the heart of graphics cards and can be used to process instructions separately from a typical central processing unit.

GPUs see their value in security, primarily in the following fields:

  • Banking: helps in fraud control of transactions, customer acquisition, cross-selling, customer experience, and credit risk assessment
  • Capital markets: used in investment algorithms, customer recommendations, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and risk management
  • Insurance: valid for fraud prevention, claims automation, policy underwriting, and customer experience

As with quantum computing, there are several trends in the use and market adoption of GPUs:

  • Generation of conversational assistants through conversational AI
  • Creation of “high-performance” and “cloud-native” 5G applications in the telecommunications sector
  • Development of recommendation systems or algorithms for recommending products and services
  • AI-driven imaging or genomic analysis and development and deployment of intelligent sensors (primarily applied in health-related industries)
  • Application to robotic interaction
  • Construction of platforms for the development of autonomous vehicles
  • Fraud prevention and risk management
  • Creation of AI solutions applied to urban planning

Getting the most out of Quantum Computing and GPUs

At VASS, we work to turn technological developments and trends into business opportunities. That is why we have created a solution that combines the best of everyday computing with these new technologies to accelerate the performance of processes and achieve intelligent processing for our customers’ data and operations. We bring together the best GPU vendors with their counterparts in quantum solutions, resulting in a product that can be broadly applied, either by combining both technologies or focusing on one of them.

Quantum computing has five generic applications: optimisation, machine learning, financial modeling, security, and scientific and chemical material. For example, in science, it could help discover long-life batteries or catalysts that do not require high temperatures. Specific to the health sector, such use would theoretically help speed up the approval process for different drugs by facilitating counter research or by creating more granular simulators.

In the case of GPUs, we focus on uses in banking and insurance, as it can dramatically accelerate risk analysis, offer new possibilities for real-time analytics, and reduce operational cost. Machine Learning will play a significant role in the development of these solutions, all of which can help to grow your business to untold heights. Our goal remains to make the complex simple, and in so doing serve our clients, helping them to realize their true potential and in turn provide peak service to the world at large.

Nacho Leirana

Manager de estrategia e innovacion del Clan Context & Cognitive

Soy un ingeniero informático con más de 15 años de experiencia en el sector de la consultoría informática. Como responsable de la estrategia e innovación del Clan Context&Cognitive siempre estoy buscando nuevas ideas que permitan a VASS ser punta de lanza en este tipo de soluciones.

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