Speak Up Channel

In VASS, we want to promote the management of good corporate governance and integrate the culture of criminal prevention into the daily dynamics of the group to create a climate of trust and provide it with greater transparency.

That is why we have implemented a Speak Up Channel in the VASS

As an effective mechanism, so that, through the collaboration of all, irregularities can be detected that could put the reputation and image of the Group at risk.

When should be use this channel?

You can inform us or consult your concerns about any alleged irregularity or non-compliance related to the following areas:

• Workplace Harassment

• Breach of Information Security

• Acts contrary to the integrity of the VASS

For more detail, please review our ABC Policy

How to make a communication?

The site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Accessing the Speak Up Channel , you can use the Formulate Communication option, and leave the requested information there.

This channel offers the possibility of leaving a communication anonymously or personally (you can choose), providing a username and password so that you can access the channel and check its status.

What will happen to my communication?

Your report will be reviewed reviewed by the external lawyers, who will classify the communication and forward it to the Complaints Committee to initiate the most appropriate action in each case. In the event that one of the accused is part of the Complaints Committee, the team of lawyers will contact the rest of the Committee to send the communication. Keep in mind, that although confidentiality is guaranteed, at the time of conducting the investigation, it may be necessary, that your report should be notified to other people. Therefore, your identity could be revealed, so you should take this into account before communicating. The expiration period of a communication will be 90 days from the date it was entered into the channel, this is based in law.


The management of this Channel is based on the principles of confidentiality of the data provided and respect for privacy. The communications reported there will be dealt with by the Complaints Committee within a reasonable period of time. The use of an external lawyer guarantees the confidentiality of any information that is presented in a communication and the anonymity of those who prefer to keep it.