Eduardo Garcia Mellado

Director of Government & Public Services at VASS

What is GAIA-X?

A secure and independent data infrastructure.

GAIA-X accomplishes this by grouping the regulations of network providers, Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), High Performance Computing (HPC) companies, and companies that work with Edge Computing. This network tries to develop mechanisms that combine and connect services within an easy-to-use ecosystem, and that follows European standards of transparency and data protection. This space will be supported by the principles of Security by Design and Privacy by Design.

Proactive Public Services

Efficiency in proactive public services of Public Administrations.

One of the great challenges of digital transformation of public administrations is the need to offer a full-time service. More and more procedures are thus available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Technological solutions are going to take us into a new era in the context of Public Administrations. It is therefore essential that we know what the main ones are. Having quality Public Administrations is one of the great challenges of the digital transformation that lies ahead of us. According to the 2019 Digital Government Index, Spain has a data-driven public sector with a leading position in proactivity and in the implementation of digital solutions

Video conferencing services to citizens

A differential channel for the relationship between citizens and Public Administration.

The customizable video conferencing solution that allows defining and expanding of the service catalogue according to the needs of Administrations or private companies can offer great advantages in communication with users. The fact of seeing the other person on the screen, observing their body language and behaviour, as well as their way of speaking, gives us data that other channels cannot, providing data on user level of knowledge of the platform, level of satisfaction, level of comfort, or if they have any problems, etc. This represents a great step forward when it comes to offering services to citizens, allowing not only a better experience, but also greater efficiency, better optimization of human resources and a reduction in waiting times for carrying out procedures and providing services from Public Administration.


Strategic keys of App Factory in Public Administrations

Today we talk about the Citizen Oriented Administration App Factory (Factory service for application development). Last February, the Spanish Government published the Digitalization Plan for Public Administrations from 2021 to 2025. A plan launched after the AI ​​strategy in the form of forced digitization by the pandemic, which updates and contains everything related to the […]