The value of good talent management

19 Apr 2018

It’s a reality: a company is worth what its employees are worth. Behind every success story there is a united and effective team, so it is useless to strive to provide a good service to the clients if the welfare of the workers is not promoted first and, above all, if good talent management is not performed. And… how do we do it at VASS?

Hire the best

In a changing and highly competitive market like today, it is more necessary than ever to be able to locate talent and attract the best professionals in the market. Or, in other words, to identify and incorporate the candidates with the best capabilities for our needs and that of our clients, those that best fit also with the corporate culture of our company.

As the People & Talent Director at VASS, I consider that there are three very useful ways to select the best talent. On the one hand, we use direct hiring through our Hiring team, which is widely trained in headhunting. On the other hand, we promote internal “Bring A Friend to VASS” (TUA in Spanish) campaigns, our own employees recommend us to their acquaintances and in return receive a reward for it. And, finally, we foster our relationship with universities nationwide, for the selection of the best young talent.

In addition, in VASS we carry out a process called Winning Candidate Experience in which we conceive and treat the candidate as a companion. These are some of the actions we have put in place for this:

– After the initial telephone conversation with the candidate, in addition to qualifying professionally, we ask questions about their hobbies, musical tastes… to know more about them. On interview day, at our offices, first contact with us, on the identification card we give them, it says “Future employee” in order to try to make them feel part of the team from the first moment.

– The space where the interviews take place is very important to us, so we enable LifeVASS environments, that is, informal rooms with photographs that show our day to day activities. The period between the conversation with our area and the interview with the future manager, we play their favorite songs and when we dismiss them, we hand over a souvenir related to their hobbies.

With all this, my goal, and that of my team, is none other than to conquer the candidate and try to make him or her feel unique and different in order to ensure we find not only people with great talent, but also people who are faithful, involved and happy to be part of VASS.

But… what are we looking for? Or, in other words, what skills do you have to meet to be one of the VASS team?


One skill that we value a lot is the ability to work as a team. Without interpersonal cooperation, it would not be possible to carry out many of our projects or face the challenges that day-to-day life poses, which makes us very collaborative and seeks precisely that skill in the talents we incorporate.

In fact, to promote the union of our human team we follow an open space philosophy, that is, to enable open work spaces in which we are all in contact and can help each other. We also implement Team Building activities as corporate volunteering (activities through which we use the knowledge of our employees to help others and share this experience as a team) and sports activities (among others, in Madrid we have three soccer teams that compete in a League between companies).


Another of our objectives in our selection and recruitment process is to find excellent talent, that is, those people who go beyond and always seek continuous improvement in their work.

We value the ability to contribute ideas and respond positively to new challenges in order to achieve the best possible job performance and professional growth. In short, we like people who struggle every day to offer the best version of themselves.


Throughout our lives, we spend a lot of time in the workplace. Therefore, I have been able to observe how important it is to be at ease in your company and to feel an active and valuable part of it.

At VASS we try to promote actions that promote this sense of pride of belonging and that generate satisfaction in our employees, which is what we have called LifeVASS. For example, from the moment I meet a candidate in the interview, I greatly appreciate that he or she knows us and that shows interest in what we do.

Loyalty to the best

The truth is that it is useless to recruit the best people if these talents end up leaving the company. My experience has taught me that in the technological sector workers fluctuation is frequent and this makes the renewal of companies and the onboarding of people with new ideas from which to learn, possible. But there is also unwanted rotation, that is, losing the talent trained and appropriate to company needs. What do we do at VASS to ensure our talent stays?

– In the first place, we consider that it is vital to favor family and personal conciliation of our team. We offer flexible hours and we go beyond betting on teleworking.

– Another key measure to promote conciliation has been to include long weekends, equalize paid leave for unmarried partners and grant additional days off for personal matters, care of relatives with special medical treatments, etc.

– To help the reconciliation of parents and mothers, we launched this year the Thinkids initiative, which consists of offering our children specific rooms of the company, during non-school working days, for our employees to bring their children and be taken care of while enjoying workshops to promote entrepreneurship.

– Sometimes, it is difficult for some people to lead a healthy life because they do not have enough time and resources to combine work with exercise. Given this, in our offices in Madrid we have enabled a gym with a wide schedule and other healthy life options such as offering fruit two days a week and reporting healthy habits.

– Finally, another one of the keys we have promoted to generate satisfaction and happiness among workers is to facilitate their professional growth through both in-person and e-learning training itineraries.

The teams of companies for the future

Without a shadow of a doubt, talent is an asset that all companies should leverage. The continuous search for efficient and versatile candidates is crucial, as well as trying to get the most out of the team’s internal talent. And this essential challenge cannot be understood without digital transformation, which in VASS we take very seriously and allows us to avail ourselves of the latest technologies to digitize teams, strengthen their union and improve their day-to-day activities in order to be more effective when moving towards a common goal.

In short, the companies of the future are those that take care of their employees and that boost the potential of their talent. At VASS, we work for this every day, since we are very aware that to reach success, we must all row together.

Paula Rodrigo

Global People & Talent Director

Licenciada en Psicología por la UAM de Madrid, ha cursado un Executive Program de RRHH en el IE Business School. Su trayectoria profesional comenzó en el año 2000 en Kristina Internet Business Solutions (.com del Grupo Iberdrola). En 2002 se incorpora en VASS para crear el área de Recursos Humanos y desde 2015 es Directora Global de área de People & Talent.


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