Transforming the customer relationship through a holistic approach

10 Oct 2021

A holistic view implies all kinds of changes in the relationship with customers. Nurturing the customer’s experience with the brand is fundamental. Many telecoms companies fail in this mission, which impoverishes their brand image. To achieve good results, leveraging different communication channels is essential. What are the keys?

Customer experience and holistic vision

Customer centricity must be at the heart of every business. For the best results, the focus must be on a better experience. When the consumer interacts with the company, they are investing their time and should remain attentive. If they are not comfortable or feel that what they are doing is not worthwhile, then you have lost them. There are different means through which contact is established.

Not only will you find interaction on a website, but there are other channels to consider. Social media, remote customer service, use of the physical shop or via email are some examples. Contact in all these places must be taken care of. In addition, communication between the different areas of the business is key. If information does not flow, the results obtained will be poor.

Also, keep in mind that customers want communication to be fluid. Restarting at every point of contact or being too effusive will make them dislike the brand. This brings us to the fact that the telco must know its customers. If you call customer service, it is essential to give them a personalised service. In many cases, they will expect to know the products or services they have already purchased.

How to apply this methodology

Adopting this methodology in a telco can take time. To start with, you need to plan the steps to be taken. The roadmap must be focused on achieving concrete and realistic objectives. You will also need to assign responsibilities and design the actions that will make up the plan. The questions to be answered are what is being pursued and how the planning will be executed.

When dealing with change, you need a governance model. Plans can be wrecked in the face of changing realities. The model provides stability at critical moments. It assigns responsibilities, priorities and streamlines decision-making. In this way, it is possible to deliver greater value to customers and stakeholders.

Finally, it is essential to measure results. These will determine changes to the plan for the future. It is important to have clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyse the return on investment (ROI). In the end, you will know whether the effort has paid off or not and where you need to implement improvements.

In short, the holistic view allows you to improve your interaction with customers in the telco sector. However, you need to develop a proper plan for its implementation. In this way, you will achieve the right results, and the business will reach its customers. The change of approach will take some time, but it will be worth it.

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