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16 Dec 2020

Our journey as a strategic partner for Financial institutions started in 2007. From day one, we’ve searched for, found and signed the best candidates and formed the finest teams for the projects we developed.

Nowadays, our European team in the UK, Benelux and Germany is composed of over 70 experts who work to find the best solutions for some of the most important financial institutions in the continent. Aside from these European professionals, our team has over 120 technology specialists who are familiar with all banking sectors and comfortably speak “banking jargon”.

Over the past 13 years, we’ve encapsulated accelerators and business solutions that solve banking casuistries, regulations and challenges. Speaking the same language our clients do is crucial to our success: we have full comprehension of the banking business processes while knowing how to produce IT accelerators that improve them, improving time to market.

Our current objective is to enhance our way of working with financial institutions by adding value to their business. We aim to do so by understanding their needs, finding new ways of optimising them, proposing innovative solutions and executing them using more efficient and quality production models. That way, clients can invest their time in what they do best, delegating other tasks in our area of expertise.

Are you wondering how we’re able to yield top results for our customers? Keep on reading to learn about our value proposition.

Our solutions and proposals

Thanks to our experience in servicing the banking sector, we’ve identified areas of improvement and business optimisation for our clients. We’ve designed a value proposition that includes solutions that have allowed our clients to improve in efficiency, digitalisation and customer engagement thanks to solutions such as the following:

1. CRO & Digital Sales

This solution focuses on improving conversion rates in sales, the user experience and the brand image to make clients genuinely digital. 

Our approach focuses on three stages: Acquisition, where customisation is systematised; Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) and Customer Rate Optimisation (CRO), in which we analyse and identify customer conversion bottlenecks and then create strategies to help increase CRO; and finally, Online Recovery, where customer loyalty retention, cross-selling and up-selling are enhanced.

2. Digital On-boarding

It’s the ultimate experience to boost digitalisation in the onboarding stage of financial services, where we develop a purely digital onboarding process for your customers. 

We target your potential customers in their product search through the development of digital simulations to lead them to the onboarding stage, where the main priority is to automatise and create a fully digital experience for your customers. After the onboarding is complete, we exploit analytics to generate insights and a smart client categorisation, ultimately forming a 360º vision of our customers, allowing you to cross-sell products that suit them best.

3. Remote Digital Services

Our Smart services and channels for customer relationship management. Among other things, these lean, cost-effective solutions allow our clients to:

  • Virtually assist standard requests through solutions like AI chatbots.
  • Reduce Contact Center calls through the identification of customers’ recurring issues, tackling their cause. 
  • Migrate to a Cloud CC platform, fully integrated with the rest of channels and the CRM.

4. Digital Financial Management

VASS specialises in creating and building value for your customers and the banking sector. We do so by working on insight generation, so you can maximise the added value you offer your customers. Think personalisation, WOW experiences and a 360º vision of who your customers are and what they need.

Through AI knowledge, we exploit these insights: an advanced categorisation helps you anticipate customer needs, so you can help them when they need it most. 

Finally, we integrate an Aggregator in the solution we offer. This way, you know your customer, and how to retain them effectively. 

5. New Banking Business Model

A solution to extend banks’ presence end to end. Through vdSHOP, our full commerce agency, we cover every activity that is required to develop and operate a financial entity’s Marketplace. Aspects we tackle include Marketing, Products, Legal, Services, Digital and Call Center. 

6. Operating Efficiency

Traditional financial institutions need to transform their processes if they want to deal with the new players who are born with new, more efficient operating models. Banking processes transformation requires full understanding to be able to achieve incremental improvements that will bring profit by increasing efficiency and productivity, rendering much more cost-effective processes.

VASS has a four-step approach:

  • First, we assess your current processes to measure, build, implement, redesign and ultimately improve.
  • Automation kicks in with the implementation of AI, iBPM and RPA.
  • We then work on your back and front office, using OCR and automated classification.
  • Finally, we tackle key processes: Paperless, Disputes, Mortgages, Guarantees and Insurance.

7. Path 2 Cloud

To speed up development, testing and delivery of innovative products and services, your organisation and your infrastructure need to transform. VASS can help you do so through solutions like Path 2 Cloud and Bank-in-a-Box, a solution that enables a bank’s IT staff to join the team in record time, automating the provision of its working environment. This solution fits very well in large banks, which have intricate work and technology environments.

Providing talent from Spain to Europe

Our aim at VASS is to execute local projects with local talent when working abroad, but without renouncing to the know-how and expertise of our head office, located in Spain. We intend to utilize our capacity in Spain while offering our services from other European by using the nearshore services model.

This model consists of working on projects for Northern Europe from another European country. Nearshore services are a modus operandi we trust and want to promote since it has demonstrated to be a more efficient model for attracting the best talent, one of our main priorities.  Remote working models such as nearshore have gained a particular relevance due to the Covid pandemic, proving to be extremely useful and productive. 

This way, we can provide our clients in the UK, Benelux and Germany, with our experience invaluable solutions with cost-effective, quality operation models.

Having such a strong international experience enables us with examples of best-in-class projects and solutions from public administration to Telco industries. We aim to take advantage of this economy of scale and enrich our partnership by complementing disruptive solutions with already existing ones that have already proven to work.

But we are not stopping there; we will keep on offering our capabilities in digital technologies, tailor-made software, processes and digitalisation to help our customers to optimise their business and become their leading technology partner.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the Tech partner for significant financial entities in Europe and to offer nearshore services in various European countries thanks to our experience and the great capacities we possess.

What does the future hold for VASS? We aspire to keep helping businesses transform opportunities into results, and uncover new opportunities by simplifying their day-to-day practices. In the next years, we will consolidate our existing business partnerships continuing to help our clients evolve, enabling them with the best technology and allowing them to operate so they can focus on their main activities efficiently. 

We pursue the expansion beyond America, Spain and Europe to many other regions by gaining the trust of new clients, which, after the disruptive and pioneer projects we are successfully developing and implementing in Europe, we are confident we will achieve. 

Oscar Pacios

Account Manager - EMEA at VASS

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