VASS BNL at a glance

22 Oct 2020

Looking back

In 2018, VASS UK, the international unit of VASS Group, decided to align with a global strategy to join the BeNeLux-market through the creation of VASS Nederland.

Our purpose is to make it simple by delivering focused business value to our customers! We do this by leveraging global experiences, through in-house developed business accelerators with and on top of our partners’ technologies to our customers with the commitment for results. In our approach, we already know the extra step in business process automation and optimisation. We have been able to create sustainable strategies by designing exceptional customer experiences tailored for each type of consumer with its constant evolving behaviour.

We stay throughout the whole end to end process, guaranteeing ongoing business operations during the entire relationship life cycle, providing agile solutions when and where they are needed. We are passionate about building trusting partnerships with our customers. We aim to extend these partnerships not only through time but also across countries, alongside leading software vendors such as Salesforce, Liferay and Appian.

Where we are now

According to a European Commission report, 50 % of new companies fail within five years. Therefore, VASS Netherlands has been set up using headquarters’ experience and values aiming to success in an effective time to market.

During the last two years, we have developed strong partnerships with our customers. These include one of the top mobile-operator companies in the world, two of the most far-reaching consumer and business insurance firms and a global top-3 player in the industry of consumer finance.

One of the most significant advantages of being part of the VASS Group is our ability to access more than 20 years of expertise in this industry. This knowledge helps us accelerate trend challenges around Digital Customer Onboarding, Remote Digital Services and Operational Efficiency, focusing on Banking, Insurance and Telecom. Delivery of high-quality service and the strong commitment for customer results from the VASS Nederland On-Site engineering team together with the brilliance of the VASS Group nearshore teams in Spain and the UK. This topped with strong and established partnerships with Salesforce, Liferay and Appian.


Our mission statement is to be the number one Financial Services partner by providing creative leadership, growth and service excellence.

Our strategic pillars and USP go across: wide experience providing financial services blueprints, helping organizations on business growth and delivering service excellence:

Where are we heading

VASS BNL will continue to support our existing accounts where we see gradual scope enlargement from both technology and customer business perspective. Next to current accounts, we expect to welcome and onboard a significant number of new logo accounts in the first half of 2021. From a geographical perspective, our current accounts and business partners are requesting us to support them in both BNL and Nordics regions. To support this VASS BNL expects to increase the in-region engineering team of 20-25 FTE next to a continuous remote support team of 35-50 FTE from the VASS Group entities.

Setting up a new business has not been easy, but our natural organic growth together with the strength position in Europe, has helped us to create a sustainable and promising future.

BNL Team

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