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In such a competitive market as the current one, you need to change with the times. For that reason, it is fundamental to build a solid, flexible, and scalable digital architecture.

A single and centralised platform

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The challenge

Progress for the digital customer


In such a diverse region in terms of competition as is Latin America, it was important to find the key to turning Telefónica into the most successful online sales operator.

Nonetheless, the lack of a web architecture, the different user management processes, an improvable deadline for launch campaigns, and failure to reuse technological solutions were slowing down its growth.

Therefore, adapting Movistar’s platform to the new navigation and purchase demands of its customers was imperative in order to turn this company into THE company.


To adapt Movistar’s platform to the new navigation and purchase demands of its customers

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How we did it

Digital architecture customised for each region


The implementation of a customisable public area, the creation of an e-commerce space, and the automation of the purchase and supply of products –by means of the integration of the different backend operating systems, were the three pillars on which we managed to build Movistar’s centralised platform.

Three pillars designed and implemented by our experts in Architecture, Development of integration processes, and Business development -through technologies such as Liferay, Hybris or ESB Oracle-, who created the global architecture of our Full Stack initiative: solid, flexible, and scalable. 

A versatile architecture that, together with the methodologies used, agile and waterfall, enabled us to coordinate the work with ten other different operators, thus being capable of meeting lead times at any time. 

The result

New features and achievements


  • A single and centralised platform 
  • Process automation
  • User experience improvement 

Three pillars, multiple solutions, and state-of-the-art technologies helped us to build the best possible solution for Movistar. The implementation of a Mobile First approach, the priority of which were mobile devices, together with a more attractive design, were the final touch to the development of this amazing project.

Excellent teamwork capable of offering Movistar customers new and better features and turning our customer into the most successful operator in Latin America.

10 operators integrated into a single and centralised platform


Liferay as a web content management platform; Hybris as an e-commerce motor; ESB Oracle as an integration vehicle of the whole structure. They were all developed on the basis of our Full Stack initiative to create a solid and personalised structure according to the customer needs.




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