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In the era of multitasking, catching the customers´attention is a must which we cannot afford to miss, specially during the purchase process.

5,6% increase of online sales 6,1% shopping trolleys recovered

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Our clients needed the best solution for persisting their shopping carts on the IKEA.es site, even when they were not logged into our online store. We explored existing solutions in the market, both from startups and well-known brands, and for various reasons, we chose our partner VASS, who came with the BlueCart solution from the manufacturer BlueKnow. VASS and BlueKnow have proven to be distinctive: innovative technology, engineering service, and a partner attitude that shares risks and opportunities. The results have been positive, and we have more than met the set objectives.

Antonio Velasco, Chief Data Officer (CDO), CTO of IKEA Spain

The challenge

The easier, the faster : XXI Century consumer´s priorities


Selling has always been an artistic process, and what was previously conquered with a gentle gesture, now requires from a greater impact to catch our attention.

The online offer is vast and sometimes, conquering the top with this level of competence is not an easy task, mainly when our potential customers compare products while working, travelling via subway or waiting to join their gym session. 

And it is, precisely, this situation what generated on Ikea the need to tackle the purchase processes which many times were not finished.

All-channel is an advantage but also a challenge.

Ikea needed to address the purchasing processes that often remained unfinished.


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How we did it

Abandoned shopping trolleys: Our solution to recover purchase processes


After analysing the situation of IKEA and the behaviour of its customers we could not help but to offer the most versatile and profitable option of the market: The Blueknow solution. The only capable of reconstructing the buying experience on 100% of the cases. Agile and accurate, this tool engages the shopping trolleys which have not finished on selling and send them by email in order to remember the potential customer its existence and be able, through a simple click, to Access to the products at any moment, place and from any device, always at the closest point to the final payment.

But this is not all, since with Blueknow we were able to to do all of this under the strict fulfillment of the latest data protection policy and without the necessity of a technical development on the part of the ecommerce.

The result

Customization to generate new impacts


Within a period of just one month, the outcome was:

  • Restore 6,1% of all abandoned shopping trolleys. 
  • It resulted in an increase of  5,6% online sales.

All due to the perfect tandem VASS + Blueknow, where deep knowledge of the business, experience in implanting digital solutions and the correct choice of the best solution for this sector and for Ikea led us to rapidly optimise both the selling process and the ROI.

Without any doubt, it is a way not only to increase the earnings of the company but to facilitate the purchase process to the customers, which it is translated into a better experience and the rise of the possibilities to come back for more products.


To recover lost sales, to achieve that your users get to the final point of their purchase processes or to end recruitment processes not finished yet, leaning on the tool BlueCart of Blueknow, we offer: specialized communication, orientation to results, own A/B testing platform, immediate launching, adaptability,  and even a yes-pop complement to avoid users´drains.





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