VASS at Dreamforce Chronicle

Dreamforce 2023 has been a dynamic event full of insights, announcements, and product highlights focusing on how trusted AI is reshaping the business landscape.

Over the course of three days, the event unveiled the roadmap toward a future where cutting-edge AI technologies and a strong commitment to data privacy are at the core of Salesforce’s vision.

VASS team was part of it, and this is what we brought:


The event’s kickoff featured Salesforce’s Marc Benioff unveiling Einstein 1, the AI platform consolidating data from diverse sources, making AI accessible to all Salesforce users. Benioff emphasized the critical issue of the AI trust gap and the need for transparency in AI, underlining the message that the AI revolution depends on trust and transparency.

Also Salesforce introduced Einstein Copilot, an AI-powered conversational assistant fortified by the unique Einstein Trust Layer, ensuring data protection and responsible innovation. Additionally, an exciting partnership between Google and Salesforce was revealed, promising an enhanced workplace experience. Furthermore, Salesforce presented their new free Data Cloud & Tableau licenses for democratized data-driven decision-making.

Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack, unveiled Slack AI’s integration with Salesforce, while Stephen Hammond unveiled Salesforce’s roadmap, featuring 26 generative AI capabilities between Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud.


Day two continued with the theme of trust, with Salesforce announcing it’s collaboration with industry giants and the White House to ensure responsible AI development. Sustainability also took center stage with the introduction of Einstein generative AI to the NetZero Cloud, enabling companies to manage their environmental footprint effectively.

This day also marked the announcement of the first six recipients of the Salesforce Accelerator – AI for Impact initiative, bridging technology gaps for nonprofits.

In her keynote, Nathalie Scardino highlighted the Salesforce’s commitment to nurturing AI skills within the company’s workforce. She also highlighted the importance of recruiting top talent and showcased the AI learning resources available on the company’s Trailhead online learning platform.

Day two also introduced Einstein Automate, reshaping processes and redefining employee and customer engagement by seamlessly integrating Flow with AI and Chatbots.


After two days packed with discussions around AI, the keynote on AI and Data underscored Salesforce’s commitment to ensuring the ethical use of AI. The new Data Cloud will be integrated with the new Einstein Large Language Model, uniting different data sources. This approach is a big breakthrough, considering that 59% of consumers have trust issues concerning AI and their personal information. Salesforce’s innovative solution bridges this trust gap, channeling data without compromising trustworthiness.

Day three also marked the live admin preview for the Winter ’24 release. Salesforce product managers also unveiled top features for admins, showcasing new developments in Flow, Lightning Experience, permissions, user access, and more.

In a time when trust and innovation often seem at odds, Dreamforce 2023 stood as a testament to Salesforce’s commitment to AI technologies while placing trust and transparency at the forefront of their mission. It wasn’t just a conference; it was a vision of the future, one where trust and innovation coexist harmoniously, promising a brighter tomorrow.

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