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To be the best you have to offer the best. Thus, offering a proactive and personalized service is the key to differentiate from the competence

Implementation and production start-up in a record time of 5 months

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The challenge

Modernization of an international referent


IESE, school of Business Management of the University of Navarra, with more than 50 years of experience, is nowadays a prestigious international entity with presence in numerous cities such as Múnich, Nueva York or Sao Paulo. A referent in the business world which needed to upgrade its web to achieve a more contemporary appearance and, at the same time, improved the Access to its content and services in such a way that the collaboration with other institutions could be promoted. To reach these goals, IESE decided to renew the portal Alumni in 2016. Besides, it created a Mobile App of private Access for the 47,000 Alumni of IESE around the world.

The web traffic has increased


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How we did it

Web development and Mobile App: The key to a better service


For the development of this Project, the IESE compared different technologies,finally deciding on our great ally Liferay, due to its management features of portals and users, its high capacities at managing content, adaptability and the possibilities its Marketplace of components provides. An implementation we managed to perform in only 8 months, including the integration of the back office systems with the new web platform and the mobile App, in which we connected the platform Liferay with the different systems, corporate and external, through the use of Web Services or Web APIs. A digital solution which has provided IESE with a modern and functional web portal, as well as with an innovative App which transforms the communication between the business school and its Alumni, being now more active, personalized and collaborative.

The result

Better communication, more productivity


Thanks to the development of this Project based on the Liferay technology, the IESE has achieved to enhanced the image of the IESE Alumni, increase the web traffic and has exceded its expectations regarding the number of downloads of the Mobile App,which streamline the Access to the content and the services of the portal, providing a better communication between all parts with content adapted to the user´s necessities, updated information about academic content, continuous training and events. Furthermore, it promotes networking to connect with other Alumni, offering content of their interest and helping them to strenghten their contact network.

At an internal level, the new platform stands out because of  how easy is to manage content and the autonomy with which the editors of the different websites can manage them with independency from the TI departments, which has generated colateral benefits as the improvement in productivity and communication and a greater activity in the scheduled events for the Alumni. 


To offer IESE the most efficient platforms, in this occasion we used the Liferay technology, from which we are platinum level partners.Our experience in the transformation of digital channels together with our great knowledge of the technology helped us to differentiate ourselves from the rest. With Liferay technology:

  • We have a wide technological  experience depicted in their competencies centre, with more than 60 trained professionals with 25% of certificates.
  • We share the commitment of providing innovative solutions for the customers.
  • Keeping a reliable presence of Liferay on its businesses. 
  • We compromise ourselves to the constant evolution of the capacities of the Liferay products.




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