Celebrating 10 Years as Appian Global Elite Partners

Celebrating 10 Years as Appian Global Elite Partners

Excitement is building up for Appian Europe 2023 here at VASS.

26 Oct 2023

Appian’s annual event is just around the corner, the ultimate destination for process automation and digital transformation leaders. It will be held on November 15th in London and the brightest minds from the world’s most innovative organisations will be sharing their strategies for driving end-to-end automation and achieving process excellence.  

As proud Appian Global Elite Partners for over 10 years, we look forward to actively participating and sharing our ideas with you throughout the event.  

This vision is what led us to become Appian Global Elite Partners 10 years ago. In 2018, we won the Fastest Growing European Partner Award. In our role as Appian accelerators, we excel at streamlining processes for startups and large corporations alike, while also enhancing total value through our Global Centre of Excellence. The Appian Guild accelerators add to these capabilities, further demonstrating our dedication to the best possible Appian technology.  

Our Appian Business Automation Capabilities include implementation of complex innovative solutions, process assessments with the objective of identifying and rectifying inefficiencies, application maintenance, and technical assessments to determine the best way to apply Appian within specific businesses. By choosing Appian as our primary platform for developing applications, we have committed to delivering excellence on every project.  

At VASS, we have more than 400 Hyperautomation Teams around the world focused on identifying, examining, and automating as many business and IT processes as possible. This requires the coordinated use of a variety of tools and technology platforms, including RPA, low-code platforms, and process mining tools. Our Appian teams include all kinds of profiles to ensure the best outcome for our clients: Appian Architects, Appian Senior Consultants, Junior Consultants, Project Managers, and Scrum Masters. Our teams also include QA testers specialized in Appian application, UX Designers, and Business Analysts. 

Because we know that one solution does not fit all needs, our VASS Appian Accelerators are designed to facilitate deployment for startups. We are always ready to customize these solutions to each client’s scenario. Custom-designed for quick ROI and scalability, these accelerators empower businesses to create, design, and test processes efficiently.  

During our 10 years as proud Appian partners, we have over 4,800 talent stories that attest to the transforming power of our services, and we’ve seen countless people fulfill their career aspirations. Our solid team of 200 Appian consultants and 90 certified experts demonstrates our commitment to delivering unrivalled innovation and growth for our clients. 

Numbers speak for themselves, and our outstanding 9.5/10 customer rating serves as evidence of our dedication to providing exceptional customer satisfaction. Our aim has remained the same since day one: to keep on empowering people and businesses around the world so that they can realize the potential of their capabilities and secure future tangible growth.  

Ready for Appian Europe 2023? We definitely are! 


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