Tech or not Tech is the original podcast of VASS in Spanish. Gonzalo Trigo, Global CTO of VASS, hosts this podcast where he interviews technology experts to discuss about the latest innovations, trends, and news around digital transformation.



Tech or not tech

Data Cloud

In our last episode of the season, we talk #DataCloud, AI and more with our guest Frankie Carrero to explore why data is becoming so important, the merging of the physical and digital world and omnichannel. Find out what's happening in the retail world.

Tech or not tech


In this episode of Tech or not Tech we have José Luis Perán who will explain: what is blockchain and how does it differ from cryptocurrencies?

Tech or not tech

Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

Today, we talk about "Digital Identity" with our guest Santiago Cordero.


Will we reach a single digital identity? What role does blockchain play? What do they know about me? We tell you everything without the need to accept any clauses.

Tech or not tech

AI for development

In this episode, we talk about "AI for development" with our guest Javier Pérez. What does a cat on a scooter have to do with NoCode? And how can this cat on a scooter help make up for the lack of talent? Listen to discover it! 

Tech or not tech

Carlos Nebrera talks about Comunytek

In this episode we talk with Carlos Nebrera about Comunytek, one of the companies acquired last 2021 by VASS. We also talk about technology and other curiosities.

Tech or not tech

Explaining the Blockchain from the inside

We talk with Samuel Beriguete, head of VASSxtreme, about Blockchain and discuss all the ins and outs of the most famous "blockchain" of recent times.

Tech or not tech

Robotic Partners

In today's episode of Tech or not Tech, we have our expert in RPA, Manuel de la Cuesta. Play and learn all about robotic process automation.

Tech or not tech

Will we pass the Turing test?

In today's episode we have our colleague and AI expert, Ignacio Leirana. Among other things, we do the Turing test, do you think we passed it?

Tech or not tech

Let's go to the cloud, are you coming?

In today's program we talk with our experts Santiago Cordero and José Antonio Campos about how digital transformation is being seen and executed on the way to the cloud, with private, hybrid and public clouds, and how technology is allowing more and more flexibility.

Tech or not tech

Analyzing the eSports industry

In today's program we analyze the eSports industry with our colleagues and experts in the field, Tomas Golding and Iván Vega. An industry that, in 2019, registered a global audience of 395 million, including enthusiasts and casual viewers, and it is expected that by 2023 this figure will exceed 645 million people.

Tech or not tech

Tech Woman

Today's program is a special in which we talk about the figure of the "Tech Woman" with Laura Palencia and Marlene Sanchez, two of our tech references within VASS. We talk about necessary and important things but we also have a lot of fun.

Tech or not tech

Quantum computing

Today we have a very interesting episode in which we talk about 'Quantum Computing' with our guest David Sanz. In this program we shed some light on such an abstract topic as Quantum Computing. We hope we have helped you to understand it! At least, we hope you know what it is.

Tech or not tech

Technology trends 2021

Hello, welcome to "Tech or not Tech", the VASS podcast. Our first program is dedicated to the technology trends that await us in 2021. And we discuss it with industry experts so we can take advantage of each of them. We hope you like it!

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