How to create and effectively use a B2B funnel

How to create and effectively use a B2B funnel

In the telecommunications industry, the concept of the B2B funnel has risen as a growing force of innovation: a technological one-to-one that facilitates business-to-business interactions.

12 Jul 2021

Why is an inbound marketing strategy vital for a B2B funnel?

Data shows that customers are wary of businesses upon first interaction: over half are unwilling to make a transaction with a company on day one.For B2B sales this period is longer than the one used in B2C: 6 to 12 months on average.

In B2B relationships, it is especially important to consider touchpoint interaction. This is especially appropo given that the two parties will rarely interact directly with one another.. That said, while sales remains a primary objective, it is much more prudent to consider the steps of the B2B funnel, which customers must be guided through. This is how it should be approached: TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU, to build a relationship, and thus create what are called Sales Qualified Leads (SQL’s).

What type of conversion funnel should be used?

In any case, choosing an optimal conversion method has to be based on developing and executing a scalable strategy from the beginning to the end of any transaction. The basic steps to create and effectively use a conversion funnel are as follows:

Capture: This is about converting users into leads. Feeding the funnel at the source consists of obtaining data. To attract the user, we can give them premium content in exchange for contact. For example, by filling in the form on a landing page created for this purpose, the user will be the one to request, for example, a digital book. By sending the opt-in email with the content, we will obtain their data and, in time, their business.

Lead nurturing funnel: This step is self-explanatory. At this point comes the nurturing of leads with messages and content of maximum utility. Graphics, videos, posts, infographics, etc. From there, it is simple to follow and assess their interactions while assigning value. Each well-scored lead will go into the sales funnel.

Sales funnel: Contacts that have reached this step are now MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads). It’s time to contact and sell!

Now, what if you have many visitors but few customers, or worse, very few visits and no customers? If a lack of traffic is the issue, remember: content and product quality is more important than any interaction, any SEO. Another option is to implement Elastic-IT, an excellent digital solution.

Finally, we have to distinguish B2B funnel applications for small, medium, and large companies. Their needs can vary greatly. It may seem not very easy, but nothing could be further from the truth. That’s why our motto is “making the complex simple.”


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