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Our goal is to accelerate opportunities that lay ahead for education institutions. We drive digital transformation in the education industry to modernize the student journey lifecycle: from recruitment and admissions to enrolment, teaching and alumni experience.

Our expertise

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We prioritize student-centric solutions, enhancing experiences from enrolment to post-study. Driving business growth, we craft 360-degree marketing strategies for digital schools, emphasizing usability and personalized content. The core of our modernization specializes in automating educational processes. We deploy smart data management to leverage AI, focus on data architecture and MDM for institutional transformation.

Our value proposition

Improve inclusion and collaboration, track engagement, and prove learning impact.

  • Student Lifetime value

  • Business Growth

  • Core Modernization

  • Smart Data Management

Our digital solutions

Enhancing student engagement, loyalty, and business growth through AI strategies

Student Lifetime value

  • Student engagement and Loyalty
  • New Business models
  • Subscription & Payment
  • Student onboarding
  • CPQ customising the offer

Business Growth

  • Marketing automation
  • Digital strategy & Contents
  • Improvement the Student Experience (UX-UI)

Core Modernization

  • Hyper automation
  • Core modernization
  • RIO (Lifecycle student platform)
  • Education Cloud

Smart Data Management

  • Customer Data Activation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Lake
  • Predictive

Intelligent Education

  • We help you to identify your use cases as well as the technological integration and implementation, we have an expert team that can accompany you on this fascinating journey of Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Strategy and implementation
  • GPT (generative pretrained transformers) integration into conversational solutions and channels
  • Integration of GPT plugins
  • Einstein Copilot Integration 

Generative AI on Education

  • Generative artificial intelligence enables many opportunities for improvement that applied to the education industry will help drive innovative solutions and services for the generation and recommendation of educational content, provide greater assistance during student learning, and can be a new source of valuable data collection

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The aim of the new platform is to promote eXtended Reality innovation in the education sector across the 27 countries of the EU.

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Trends in tech shaping the future of education industry

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century, technology is not just influencing our everyday lives but is fundamentally reshaping sectors at their core. One such domain, where the impact is profoundly transformative, is education. Trends in education are not merely fleeting changes but pivotal shifts, shaping the future of the education industry.


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