Trends in tech shaping the future of education industry

Trends in tech shaping the future of education industry

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century, technology is not just influencing our everyday lives but is fundamentally reshaping sectors at their core.

20 Dec 2023

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century, technology is not just influencing our everyday lives but is fundamentally reshaping sectors at their core. One such domain, where the impact is profoundly transformative, is education. Trends in education are not merely fleeting changes but pivotal shifts, shaping the future of the education industry.

Central to these shifts is the undeniable focus on inspiring student engagement. Gone are the days of passive learning; the modern era beckons a dynamic and active educational experience.

Leading institutions, acutely aware of this transition, are harnessing the power of digital content. Innovative pedagogy, rooted in technology and creativity, is enhancing learning experiences, ensuring they are both meaningful and memorable.

A hybrid approach

Moreover, the boundaries of the classroom are blurring, giving rise to the hybrid first approach. This is not just a nod to the present circumstances but a strategic move towards the future.

Students, whether they’re in their formative years or are lifelong learners, increasingly yearn for flexibility. They seek educational avenues that can seamlessly blend the traditional with the digital, allowing them to learn at their own pace and on their own terms.

Collaboration, too, has emerged as a cornerstone. Educational institutions are evolving into digital heroes, not in isolation but through strategic alliances. By partnering with IT suppliers, they’re not only ensuring robust connectivity but are also empowering students and faculty with cutting-edge devices and vital digital skills.

Finally, the immersive experience is no longer a futuristic concept but a present reality. Harnessing immersive technologies, education is transcending physical limitations. This allows for groundbreaking collaborative research and a depth of engagement previously unimagined, promising a future that is as expansive as it is inclusive.

Tech Trends in Education

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The digital transformation wave is sweeping the education sector, bringing with it innovations that are both cutting-edge and practical. Let’s delve into some of the paramount tech trends shaping the education industry.

Applied AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword but a fundamental pillar in the educational framework. Institutions are leveraging AI to provide personalized learning experiences, identify students at risk, and offer tailored interventions.

The power of predictive analytics is enabling educators to make data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing student outcomes.

Digital Twins

In an era of sustainability and efficiency, digital twins stand out as a game-changer. Higher education institutions are increasingly turning to these virtual replicas to optimize energy use, space management, and overall operational efficiency.

By 2026, it’s projected that such implementations could boost efficiency rates by up to 30%.

Cloud Adoption

The benefits of the cloud are manifold: scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Educational institutions are migrating to the cloud not just for storage but for hosting a myriad of applications and platforms.

This ensures seamless access to resources anytime, anywhere – a true testament to the evolving educational paradigm.

Data Privacy and Security

With digital transformation comes the responsibility of securing sensitive data. Online schools are upping their security game, with a sharp focus on a zero-trust approach.

The integration of multifactor authentication and a significant shift towards managed security services indicates the gravity of tackling cyber threats head-on.

Automation & No-code

The drive to be agile and responsive has led institutions to embrace automation and no-code platforms.

These solutions, often device-agnostic, empower even non-IT personnel to develop new services rapidly, catering promptly to student needs and enhancing operational agility.

Student 360

A holistic understanding of students is pivotal in today’s educational landscape. Analytics platforms are emerging that offer a 360-degree view of student profiles.

By integrating data across various back-office functions, these platforms shed light on both student risk and success factors, enabling institutions to tailor their approaches effectively.

Continuous Transformation with Emerging Technologies

The march of technology is relentless, and so is its impact on education. The integration of emerging tech ensures that institutions remain nimble, adapting to shifts and ensuring that students get the best learning experience possible.

Personalization to Enhance Student Experience

One size no longer fits all. The future of education is intricately tied to personalization, with institutions leveraging technology to tailor learning paths, resources, and interventions. This not only enhances the learning experience but also ensures better student engagement and outcomes.

These tech trends underscore the dynamic evolution of the education industry. By harnessing the power of technology, institutions are not only meeting contemporary challenges but are also laying the groundwork for a future that is inclusive, efficient, and innovative.

Challenges in education services

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In the midst of a digital transformation, the education sector, while reaping the benefits of technological advancements, faces its fair share of challenges.

Modernization has become the cornerstone of recruitment, admissions, and enrollment processes. Institutions are striving to provide a seamless experience, integrating advanced systems to handle the influx of tech-savvy applicants.

Yet, with modernization comes the responsibility of ensuring efficiency and adaptability.

The rapid adoption of online and distance learning has been both a boon and a challenge.

While it democratizes education, making it accessible to a larger audience, it also demands a robust infrastructure capable of supporting varied learning environments.

Other challenges

Institutions are hard-pressed to enable personalized interactions and experiences. The one-size-fits-all model has been debunked, replaced by a student-centric approach where learning experiences are tailored to individual needs.

Furthermore, the emphasis on delivering location-agnostic platforms has never been higher. As education breaks the shackles of physical boundaries, platforms that are universally accessible become crucial.

This brings us to rethinking the remote experience. The challenge lies not just in providing remote learning opportunities but in ensuring they replicate, if not exceed, the richness of traditional classroom experiences.

In the pursuit of this goal, the deployment of multi-faceted communication tools is essential.

From video conferencing to collaborative digital workspaces, communication tools play a pivotal role in bridging the physical divide.

Lastly, with these transformations, campuses themselves have to evolve, adopting agile campus operations to cater to both on-site and remote students effectively.

It’s evident that these challenges, while daunting, offer an opportunity. By addressing them head-on, institutions can achieve operational efficiency in education, ensuring that they remain relevant, responsive, and ready for the future.

Enabling an Innovative Experience and Digital Education

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In the contemporary educational landscape, merely imparting knowledge isn’t sufficient. Institutions must deliver an innovative experience, seamlessly blending technology with pedagogy.

At the heart of our efforts lies a robust education value proposition focusing on four strategic pillars.

Business Growth

With an emphasis on making our brand more digital, global, and local, we’re harnessing the power of a holistic Data Strategy/CDP. Our efforts are channeled into a comprehensive digital strategy and transformation, paving the way for the inception of innovative business models.

Core Modernization

The essence of modernization is resilience. By leveraging new technologies, we’re fortifying our business operations. This encompasses SIS Modernization (a life-cycle student platform) which is pivotal in transforming applications, services, and processes. The transition from core to cloud, along with the adoption of low-code solutions, reinforces our commitment to agility and efficiency.

Engagement Student

The student experience is paramount. A 360º vision of each student, enriched by CRM, forms the foundation of our engagement strategy. We’re doubling down on digital strategies, content creation, and enhancing user experience (UX-UI). Additionally, marketing automation tools amplify our outreach and engagement capabilities.

Education Cloud

This is our tech haven. From Student and Faculty Communities to advanced reporting and analytics, we’re integrating platforms that cater to diverse educational needs. And it’s not just limited to academics; our cloud encompasses LMS, finance, compliance, HR/payroll, and even legacy systems.

360º Student CRM

Our 360º Student CRM offers a comprehensive view, capturing every interaction with each student. This holistic approach encompasses facets like student loyalty, onboarding, community engagement, program administration, and faculty interactions.

Moreover, we’re innovating in the financial domain with Flexible Pricing. Subscription solutions provide traceability, ensuring effective management of novel commercial models. Our CPQ systems excel in product configuration, handling complex pricing calculations and tailoring offers to individual client needs.

Finally, under Business Growth, our focus on Data Strategy/CDP/Data client student enables us to track the multi-channel journey of each student. By unifying data from diverse sources, especially marketing, we can classify, segment, and activate personalized offers in real-time.

In essence, our approach to education is holistic, where every aspect, from technology to engagement, is tailored to enhance the learning experience, ensuring that we’re not just educators but pioneers in the realm of digital education.

Leading by Example: Tech Trends That Transformed Learning with VASS

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Understanding digital transformation through technology trends in education is much easier with real examples.

In the following, we will take a closer look at some of our latest projects. This will give you a deeper insight into what specific changes can be made and which actors are already benefiting from the latest trends.

Simulation of AI-based predictive scenarios in a private university

In the fast-paced realm of higher education, data-driven decision-making has emerged as a linchpin for institutions striving for excellence. One of Europe’s leading private universities with its forward-thinking approach, tapped into this potential by partnering with Salesforce for an innovative proof of concept.

Recognizing the need to derive value from their extensive data, the university aimed not just to understand historical trends but to envision what the future might hold. This vision was brought to life with the powerful analytical reporting capabilities of Tableau.

Further enhancing their analytical prowess, this university integrated Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics Discovery. This cutting-edge AI tool empowered them with trend lines, allowing a deep dive into past data and crafting robust forward-looking predictions.

The transformation was profound. By seamlessly blending Tableau’s insights with the predictive capabilities of Einstein Analytics, the institution achieved a clarity that became pivotal for their strategic decisions. This newfound clarity ensured that their business decisions were timely and deeply informed, giving them a competitive edge in the world of higher education.

The journey to this transformation was methodical. Starting with a proof of concept centered on the Opportunity entity, the university then crafted a solution, keeping in line with their unique functional requirements.

This encompassed configuring data flows, views, and even integrating an Opportunities analysis console into their Salesforce application. The highlight was undoubtedly the simulation of AI-driven predictive scenarios. By the journey’s end, this solution was not just conceptual but actively driving results in a real-world environment.

At the heart of this transformative journey were pivotal technologies: Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Einstein Analytics, and Salesforce’s Service Cloud, with Tableau’s unparalleled data visualization capabilities complementing them.

The story of this educational institution underlinesthe transformative power of embracing cutting-edge technology in reshaping educational strategies and enhancing decision-making processes.

Creating a digital platform for leading business school

The evolving digital landscape presents institutions with both challenges and opportunities. Our client, a leading global business school, with its sterling reputation, recognized a golden opportunity to refresh its digital brand, aligning it with the institution’s core strategic goals. The overarching aspiration? To radiate innovation and remain at the forefront of business education.

Prior to embarking on this digital journey, a comprehensive assessment was meticulously undertaken to appraise various technological alternatives. The outcome? A tailor-made solution that harmonized seamlessly with business school’s nuanced needs.

The underpinning vision was twofold: to bolster the brand’s global presence and to enhance the accessibility of content and services, nurturing the bond with its distinguished alumni.

How did we do it?

VASS, with its renowned technological prowess, emerged as the partner of choice for this ambitious endeavor. Their mandate was crystal clear: migrate the ALUMNI site and architect a contemporary ALUMNI mobile app, ensuring it’s attuned to the modern-day mobile-centric world.

The resultant platform is a testament to innovation. Its beauty lies not just in its user-friendly design but in its operational dynamics. The editors, who are responsible for curating content across various websites, now enjoy an unprecedented level of autonomy.

No longer tethered to the IT department, this newfound independence has spurred productivity, streamlined communication, and amplified engagement during scheduled Alumni events.

The dividends of this project are manifold. Not only has it rekindled interest among students, but it has also fostered robust participation and collaboration across various digital communities.

With a seamless integration into social media channels, the visibility has skyrocketed. Students now receive curated content tailored to their unique profiles and interests, ensuring they remain engaged and informed. Moreover, the streamlined administrative processes and enhanced usability have added another layer of excellence to the business school digital experience.

In essence, through this collaboration with VASS, this Business School has masterfully redefined its digital narrative, underscoring the institution’s commitment to innovation and excellence.


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