What is Digital Asset Management?

What is Digital Asset Management?

The first step to understanding Digital Asset Management, is, of course, understanding digital assets…what are they?

The concept of digital assets

As technology continues to develop and mature, organisations have made more and more frequent use of what are called ‘digital assets’. Simply put, digital assets are just that: assets in the digital space. The term is both new and broad, so examples of such assets would better serve to illustrate what they are than a textbook definition.

Take, for example, a modern bank. Physically, the bank might have offices, vaults, vans, ATM’s, and other such assets, for lack of a better word. But in today’s age, their list of digital assets is just as long and is continually growing. In the modern digital age, a well-run bank will sport a mobile application, an online banking platform, corporate website, notifications, newsletter, a blog – the list is long.

Now, the information on these assets is essentially the same as what their physical assets provide. A customer or client might, for example, be able to look up their statements both online or with a teller. So, you may ask, why digital assets? One word: convenience. In today’s age, customers can view their bank statements, watch movies, and order lunch all at the same time with ease. But with so many digital assets to oversee, how is a company supposed to keep track of them all?

Enter Digital Asset Management.

The importance of Digital Asset Management in asset management

In a way, the concept of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and its relevant systems is even simpler than the assets themselves. What DAM systems do is centralise all of an organisation’s digital assets and organize them into a sort of central hub.

Take, for instance, a company logo. Without a Digital Asset Management System, that logo would have to be updated by hand on every one of that company’s online platforms, one by one. This problem is tedious to solve, and this solution is prone to error. The more entries made, the greater possibility of error. Now, for something like a logo, this might not be a crippling problem, but take the issue and translate it to a critical part of a company, like their warranty policy or interest rate. Then this solution becomes dangerous as well as tedious.


digital asset management

DAMs solve that issue outright. Think of all your digital assets in one convenient location, easily accessible and tied to a simplified and clean workflow procedure designed by you. Updates become immediately easy and painless to roll out, and they are all activated simultaneously across all platforms.

Benefits of using Adobe technology for Digital Asset Management

The advantages of using Adobe technology are as follows: 

– Adobe’s product platform, Adobe Experience Manager, includes the functionality to implement DAM systems and seamlessly integrates with their website generation product (CMS)

– Integrating your website with the Adobe Experience Manager product is very simple and easy to understand. Integrating it with other products such as target for personalisation or Adobe Analytics for web access is a similarly user-friendly experience

– With Adobe Workfront, all you need to do is create the perfect content, while project management is all taken care of for your convenience. Filing your projects in your bank of assets, editing collaboration, publication, and analytics viewing are all made easy. More information here:

– As a cloud platform, Adobe technology makes it easy for you to access your projects and assets wherever you go

VASS and Digital Asset Management

Once we know that Digital Asset Management is important for any multichannel organization, and once we have selected the right product, we simply need to implement it with a partner that understands the business, the technology and the right way to link them together.

At VASS we have broad experience implementing Adobe solutions for channel management, specifically in Digital Asset Management. We are confident that we can assist you in managing your digital channels.


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