How to get ROI in AI projects: From Hype to ROI

How to get ROI in AI projects: From Hype to ROI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is buzzing everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is buzzing everywhere. The tech world is rife with grand promises and futuristic visions. But how much of this is reality and how much is mere hype?

Forbes sheds light on a startling fact: 85.4% of AI projects don’t impact commercial returns. With only 14.6% of firms globally deploying AI in production, the gap between expectation and reality is vast.

Yet, the importance of ROI in AI projects can’t be overstated. For businesses, investments in AI aren’t just about embracing technology. They’re about tangible outcomes, driving value, and creating a competitive edge.

Again, a mere 14.6% of AI projects seeing widespread production tells a story. The majority remain in experimental phases or fail to deliver real business value.

Harnessing the potential of AI for business success isn’t just about adopting the technology. It’s about effective implementation, strategy alignment, and ensuring that AI projects yield a positive return on investment.

The challenge is clear: move from mere hype to genuine ROI. And the journey, while sometimes daunting, is pivotal for future success.



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