How Salesforce High Velocity Sales Can Help Take You and Your Customers to the Next Level

How Salesforce High Velocity Sales Can Help Take You and Your Customers to the Next Level

Congratulations! Your company is a hit, and your growth is exploding year-to-year. Customers are sharing your products and services by word of mouth, reviews are through the roof, and your company is now a cult hit. One question: What next?

24 May 2021

Your customers and team are growing, and the Platform you’re working on just isn’t enough. The public knows about you now, and customers are expecting something new and something incredible around every corner, and you’re stretched thin as it is just to keep up with demand.

The Problem

Let’s take a look at, say, the insurance industry. It’s one of the oldest markets in the world, and customers are still demanding for innovation and new strides. 

In fact, according to the European Financial Management Association (EFMA), over half of prospective customers are interested in innovative insurance models and are more likely to stick with a company that provides additional services. Over a third of customers willing to share additional data and even pay an up-charge for added risk control and prevention!

But, sadly, a lot of companies can’t keep up: less than 30% of insurers are exploring new business models or even have the capability to keep up with their customers in real time, and less than half of companies are able to offer more than just basic coverage. 

Long story short, there’s a lot more demand for active risk control and protection, and not a lot of supply. Most of the time, companies simply can’t keep up with the demand for innovation. And it’s not just insurance. Customers in all industries are getting smarter and faster, and are asking the same of their companies.

That’s where Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales (HVS) function comes in.

The Solution

HVS solves the biggest problem that all sales teams face: organization.

Remember your awesome company that’s growing and diversifying, even as we speak? The one that’s starting to get a real bad backlog of phone calls and emails from your customers? Let’s face it: there’s a lot to keep track of if you want to keep up with your customers, and HVS takes all of that care away.

Now, Salesforce High Velocity Sales organizes your business from two perspectives: yours, and your customer’s. On your end, HVS offers incredibly powerful tools to help you and your team stay organized. Let’s say that you have 50 leads come in from all kinds of first interactions. Sounds intense for teams to organize right? With HVS, your team can easily view where each lead is in the marketing funnel in an easy Work Queue, and even glean some historical wisdom with lead scores and conversation insights.

Throw in the capability to organize internal activities, schedules, scripts, and all round workforce management, your team will be smoother than ever before.

For the customer, this helps them communicate with your company much more efficiently! No more doubling up on emails, or muddy jargon that changes from team to team. If you want, you’ll even be able to control your own automated email templates, or get insight on how customers prefer to be communicated with based on how they found you. And with all this spare time on your hands, your company will easily be able to find the time to create new innovative products and services much faster!

VASS & Salesforce High Velocity Sales

VASS, as a Salesforce partner, specializes in sales management and in customer-centric business models. We pride ourselves on providing a lean, agile approach that adds timely and value to any business we work with. 

To get a little more detailed, we know that Salesforce High Velocity Sales helps with the following issues in every business: faster and more efficient logistics, providing mobility and the resources to offer more to your customers, data-driven insights in real time, easy implementation and use no matter how much you grow, and easily meeting regulatory requirements (Service, Case Management, GDPR, Auditing) 

To show how quickly and easily HVS can help your business manage its growth, our MVP project aims to get you on your feet in just one to two months for complete synergy with your team. Let’s get you into the future.


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