Navigating an Everything as a Service (XaaS) approach

Navigating an Everything as a Service (XaaS) approach

Employee challenges and changing IT demands driven by the pandemic are accelerating the shift to services: software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service will continue to gain popularity.

An Everything as a Service (XaaS) approach requires serious hand holding…

Technology companies have begun shifting to a service-based model for providing products and capabilities, whilst at the same time, leaders across industries are embracing service-based IT.

Much of this will be delivered via cloud for increased agility, new capabilities, and better management of capacity and costs.

Optimising costs and Improving Resilience

Many companies are leveraging a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy to increase access to best-in-breed technologies, optimise costsimprove resilience and reliability, and minimize single vendor lock-in. However the complexity of this multi-cloud, multi-vendor approach means businesses will need a way to seamlessly integrate and co-ordinate a multitude of cloud-based applications and data from a single platform or dashboard.

Need for orchestration

Tech companies are stepping forward to meet this growing need for orchestration, and we expect the playing field for solutions to grow over the next few years. A recent Deloitte survey showed that Everything as a Service (XaaS) adopters are seeking more consultative relationships with their vendors—and the deeper the engagement, the better the business outcomes.

At the same time, cloud and XaaS don’t have the same level of vendor lock-in as traditional IT solutions, so customers can switch providers with relative ease if they feel they’re not receiving optimal value from a solution or relationship.

Retaining Satisfied Customers

It’s critical for tech providers to bring cutting-edge XaaS solutions to market and to strengthen the customer experience by helping adopters overcome usage challenges and derive maximum value.

Managing the risks

Managing the myriad of risks in multi-cloud environments, including application and infrastructure securitydata managementresilience and availabilitygovernance, and compliance—is a shared endeavor between service providers and user organisations. Service providers can supply their customers and auditors with system and organization controls (SOC) reports to help build risk assurance, but clarifying responsibilities is crucial.

Leaders today view everything-as-a-service (XaaS) as critical to their digital transformation and key to creating new solutions and business models to thrive in the new normal work life.

At VASS,  we join you to map out your business priorities and boost your plans, whilst supporting your technical dAt VASS,  we join you to map out your business priorities and boost your plans, whilst supporting your technical delivery that adheres to a cost efficient, API-led, integration strategy with platforms such as MuleSoft 


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