The Role of AI in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The Role of AI in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) played an important role at the UN General Assembly just a few weeks ago.

10 Oct 2023

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres said “The Goals are not just a list — they carry the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and expectations of people everywhere.  However, only 15 per cent of the targets are on track, and the goals need a global rescue plan”. *

This time Artificial Intelligence was a main issue in the conversations at this high-level event. Not only UN Assembly leaders, but also representatives of member states and global tech titans joined the discussions, making it clear that AI has the potential to accelerate the sustainable growth required to tackle many of today’s greatest human challenges. However, this progress should not come at any cost.

Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, to name a few AI leaders alongside with non-profits Institutions, UN representatives and global political leaders shared their views on how technology can drive positive progress, yet they also shared their concerns on how its deployment, if not done correctly, can contribute to deepening social and economic inequality, among other negative effects.

Global leaders acknowledged that AI has the potential to accelerate the SDG goals through a responsible application in energy, climate change, food security, health, environment, poverty, and education. It was made clear through their conversations that to drive tangible and faster sustainable progress deriving from the development and deployment of AI, a global framework is essential. 

Likewise, responsible governance should lead the way to an AI-led sustainable transition, as the partnership between governments, private sector and other stakeholders is key to maximize the opportunity of using AI as a catalyst to meet SDGs. 

With this collaboration comes a shared responsibility under which companies and producers of AI technology should align their efforts and strategies to achieving SDG-related goals. Last but not least, education and awareness must be given parallel priority if we aim to ensure an AI-led future that respects human rights.

At VASS, as digital innovators and AI experts, we know inside-out the role technology can play in driving social, economic, and environmental progress. We understand the critical role that the creation and application of these cutting-edge digital solutions can have in advancing the SDGs. 

That is why we not only work to create and serve end-to-end green tech solutions, helping clients meet their SDGs goals faster and thus contributing to common shared global achievements, but we are also committed to achieving them in our daily operations, playing our part in meeting the global challenges we face. 

At VASS we are set on becoming a NetZero firm. This is one of our unfold initiatives driving sustainable impact toward net zero emissions, which is why we are launching several activities, like setting indicators and calculating our carbon footprint globally and putting a variety of carbon-cutting measures into practice, with the objective to contribute to lowering the carbon footprint.  

On the education side, some months ago we launched VASS University, a high-quality learning global hub. Through our open expert programs, we have taken solid steps towards reducing the digital gap, thereby fostering opportunities that AI and other emerging technologies alike can bring. 

Our dedication to the SDGs is firm. We are aware of the significant and constructive change our ideas and digital solutions enable. With them, we can bridge educational disparities, boost opportunities, revolutionize energy systems, strengthen infrastructure, and enhance our defenses against climate change within our environment.

For us, this mission is imperative. We are excited to work with our partners and stakeholders to create a more sustainable future for everyone. We at VASS are not only willing but also determined to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to build a more sustainable future.



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