VASS ESG Strategy

VASS ESG Strategy

Unveiling Our ESG Strategy

In line with the launch of our new brand, we are also thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking ESG strategy, "TOGETHER WE ARE GREATER", which is based on a 3-step approach that we introduce as THINK.ACT.ACHIEVE. This strategy reflects our longstanding dedication to making a positive impact in the world.   

For many years, having a positive impact has been a core element in our business by developing mindful technology, getting involved with corporate responsibility initiatives, and promoting and implementing ethical and fair practices through VASS’ corporate governance. In our pursuit of conscious progress, we proudly present our focus on three key areas: 


We're advocates of mindful progress, creating a more sustainable environment​ for everyone to thrive.​ 

  1. SOCIAL 

Investing in digital talent and cultivating relationships that drive long-term, sustainable transformation for customers, partners, and society. 


We embrace sustainable leadership to provide services that ensure best practices across every stage of the organizational value chain.​  

Being a sustainable company is a shared commitment among all VASS stakeholders. Only by joining forces we can collectively contribute to building a better world.  


Together, we are: 


  • STRONGER. A powerful force to achieve remarkable, shared goals. 

  • TRANSFORMATIVE. Contributing our knowledge and inclusive thinking to drive positive impact both locally and globally.  

  • GREENER. An environmentally conscious company committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda promoted by the United Nations. 

  • GLOBAL PLAYERS. Joining forces worldwide and extending our shared commitment beyond local boundaries.  


At VASS, sustainability isn't merely a corporate initiative; it's a shared commitment that unites us all. The overarching message is crystal clear: together, as a collective force, WE ARE GREATER. Know more about our new ESG Strategy here

VASS unveils its ESG Strategy “Together We Are Greater” in line with the launch of the new brand. It is based on a three-step approach THINK. ACT. ACHIEVE.


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