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Article may. 21, 2024

Subscription models in retail | VASS

Discover how retail subscription models in retail are transforming this industry, offering personalization and shopping convenience.

Article may. 16, 2024

Life Science: Global challenges with digital solutions | VASS

Discover how cutting-edge biotechnology merges with digital tools to revolutionize Life Sciences research while addressing global challenges.

Article may. 09, 2024

eEnergy: Ecommerce as a Service | VASS

Explore eEnergy's role in transforming the energy sector and utilities with digital commerce, enhancing efficiency and consumer engagement.

Article may. 08, 2024

Strategic Resource Management for Increased Profitability in Service Companies | VASS

In service companies, it is vital to balance customer satisfaction, project profitability and employee work overload.

Article may. 06, 2024

Appian World 2024: Driving Digital Innovation | VASS

As an Appian partner for over 15 years, our participation in Appian World 2024 was a great experience for our team.

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