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Disrupting complexity

Bits, Bytes, and Citizens: How to achieve digital transformation in Public Administration?

Step into the world of "Disrupting Complexity" as we dive deep into "Bits, Bytes, and Citizens: Navigating Digital Transformation in Public Administration." Meet Antonia Zierer, Managing Director of Byte, as she shares her experience in overcoming the complexities of governmental structures to drive digital transformation.

Hosted by our very own Kai Jürgens, this episode is more than just a discussion: We provide honest insights beyond buzzwords and purely theoretical approaches.

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Disrupting complexity

How AI is reshaping the business world – realistically, sensibly, and without hype

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of AI with Benno Blumoser, Head of Siemens AI Lab, on the latest “Disrupting Complexity” episode.

Hosted by our very own Kai Jürgens, this episode isn’t just a discussion; it’s a captivating journey into the heart of AI, unraveling complexities and providing actionable insights.

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Tech or not tech

From buzzwording to business: What does successful transformation actually look like in practice?

In this episode, our host Kai Jürgens and Alexandra Kröger, owner of Powerful Minds, get real about the nitty-gritty behind the buzzwords. No superficial small talk, just straightforward answers to questions like:

Why is “Digital Transformation” more than just a trendy term? 
How does corporate culture shape perspectives on changes and complexity? 
Why is it a must for every transformation to be digital these days?

We take a deep dive into real challenges, share practical experiences, and demonstrate how companies can genuinely instigate change. No fluff, just solid insights into the realm of transformation!

Disrupting complexity

Customer Experience in the E-Mobility Sector: Triumph or Tragedy?

In our new episode with Christian Krüger, CEO of BayWa Mobility solutions, you won’t find a dry technical debate.

We’re talking about the revolution of Customer Experience in the E-Mobility sector – and how one could, or even must, reconfigure the landscape in this domain.

But that’s not all! We also discuss regulatory conditions, cyber security, data privacy, and how companies like BayWa Mobility Solutions respond to unforeseen developments in these areas. 

Disrupting complexity

How do you make your company "future-proof"? - From vision to reality

In this episode we unveil the secrets of future-proofing companies. Join us as Stefan Schoepfel, founder of the Intelligent Enterprise Institute at SAP and our host Kai Jürgens share their insights on aligning technical feasibility with customer needs and turning visions into reality. Discover the challenges, strategies, and success stories of digital transformation projects, with a focus on agility, communication, and collaboration. Stay ahead of trends and gain practical advice for navigating the journey towards a future-proof company. 

Disrupting complexity

Human-Tech : Success factors for human-centred digital transformation

Experience the insightful perspective of Anna Kopp, Head of IT and Regional Office Lead Munich HQ at Microsoft, as she reveals the essence of IT: it's all about people, not just technology. Discover the key success factors for human-centered digital transformation.  Learn about the pivotal role of employees, the transformative power of leadership and company culture, and the importance of customer-centricity. Explore practical examples and gain valuable insights for a successful and human-centered digital transformation journey. 

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