We provide companies with highly qualified professionals. We are experts at finding talented professionals who are highly specialized in traditional technologies like SAP, .NET, Cobol, Java, etc. as well as less common technologies. VASS has access to an extremely competitive market niche in which experience is a very important factor when providing our clients with the best resources.


We constantly strive to go off the beaten path, with new technologies and methods that add greater value to our commercial offer.


Our main goal is to meet our customers’ needs by offering the best experience with the service provided.


We are aware of the market’s demands, so speed, flexibility and quality are intrinsic values in our working method


What makes the difference for a service company is the team, having talented people, and that is where our fundamental value lies.

About us

Software Factory

Application of industrialization processes for the development of projects, helping to improve our clients’ operating margin.

On site

We select the best professionals for the project that will be carried out at the client's premises

Hybrids models

One part of the team works at our clients’ facilities and the other part works externally, allowing us to leverage the capabilities of our production center.

Our leaders

Our leaders

  • Juan Carlos Salazar

    Juan Carlos Salazar

    Country Manager US


Blockchain yes, but why? New uses cases that will blow your mind

Article Index In today’s digital era, the term «blockchain» frequently surfaces in conversations about technology and innovation. Initially known for its role in powering cryptocurrencies, blockchain‘s potential extends far beyond just digital coins. This decentralized ledger system, characterized by transparency and immutability, is changing how data is stored and exchanged. While the traditional uses of […]

AI’s role in banking: benefits and risks

Although we think of AI as something groundbreaking, AI’s role in banking and financial services has been transformative since its inception. The implementation of AI in banking applications and software solutions has significantly revolutionized the way companies access and manage their finances. It reduces costs, increases productivity, and aids in decision-making based on information that […]

23 Nov 2023




VASS co-launches the eXtended Reality for Education platform (XR4ED) to accelerate innovation in learning and education in the EU

Madrid, 20th of November 2023 VASS, a leading digital solutions company to the European Union (EU) institutions, announces that it is co-launching the eXtended Reality for Education platform (XR4ED), together with 10 other partnering organisations from Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, France, Germany, Romania, and Spain. The aim of the new platform is to promote eXtended Reality […]

05 Dec 2023

VASS recognised as ‘Partner of the Year’ at the 2023 Appian International Partner Awards

We proudly announce our recognition as the ‘Partner of the Year’ for EMEA Channel Sales in the 2023 Appian International Partner Awards edition. These awards seek to highlight the exceptional work, dedication, and innovation, in leveraging the AI-powered Appian Platform to deliver transformational business value to clients through end-to-end process automation Appian, a frontrunner in software […]

20 Nov 2023

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At VASS, we are constantly looking for professionals interested in joining our young, dynamic and fast-growing team to develop a strong professional career with us.

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245 1st St Riverview II, 18th fl Cambridge, MA 02142, EE.UU.

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