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Coca-Cola European Partners


Organise and optimise digital assets in order to standardise the image and improve B2B communications.

40% more visits than the previous year

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The challenge


Organisation at Home is a project launched by the well-known bottling company CCEP with the objective of organising and optimising their digital assets (e.g. portals, landing pages, and promotions). Thanks to this process, it is possible to standardise the style of the communications the company maintains with its B2B customer.

The project complexity lies in knowing and understanding the nature of the assets, from different business units with different product owners. Due to this complexity, CCEP was duplicating certain tasks, thus incurring higher costs and offering its consumers a distorted image. As a result, a consultancy was conducted, the parameters of which were extracted and included in a worldwide style guide.

Optimise resources, guarantee the quality standards established by Coca-Cola


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How we did it

Learn to organise, and organise to show the best

For this project, Nateevo, company of the VASS group, has conducted an initial consultancy. Know to organise, and organise to show the best

Other achievements made by VASS along with Nateevo:

  • Design and creation of the company style guide for all B2B communications. This guide will be followed by all its agencies.
  • Audit of the deliverables (campaigns) conducted by all the agencies that work for CCEP.
  • Execution of some of the project deliverables, such as the 2019 Summer campaign, thus achieving a 40% increase in visits.
  • SEO / SEM
  • Usability and design recommendations for collaborating communication companies.

The result

Optimised resources and unified standards


  • Thanks to this project, it has been possible to optimise resources, guarantee the quality standards established by Coca-Cola European Partners and get actionable data.
  • With a single asset per month, the project has turned into a blank sheet on which different portals and promotions can be developed.
  • Thanks to this project, Cocacola’s summer campaign launched in May 2019 got 40% more visits than the previous year.


  • For the analysis of all digital assets, it has been necessary to use analytical tools (Google Analytics), as well as other trends, organic visibility (SEO) and analysis of SEMrush keywords (Keywords), Screaming Frog (SEO), SIXTRIX (SEO).




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