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We guide clients through digital evolution, emphasizing cloud migration, scalable architectures, and talent transformation. Our focus spans customer-centric design, omnichannel experiences, data analytics, AI innovation, streamlined customer support, efficient process optimization, and sustainable practices.

Our expertise

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From assisting clients through digital transitions and crafting unique user experiences to enhancing customer service through technologies like artificial intelligence and process optimization, we focus on revitalizing physical stores, recognizing the value of data, and applying innovations such as virtual reality and predictive AI. We work on more efficient and sustainable processes, providing comprehensive solutions to transform supply chains and move towards environmental goals.

Our value proposition

Enhanced customer experiences for business success

  • Digital strategy

  • Customer experience

  • Omnichannel & Phygital

  • Data & Analytics

  • Innovation

  • Customer Support

  • Optimization of processes

  • Digital Supply Chain

  • Sustainability

Success case


IKEA's Cart Abandonment Solution

IKEA Retail & Consumer Goods Customer Experience

Our digital solutions

We drive digital transformation across the entire value chain

Product & Brand

  • Business consulting
  • Technological consulting
  • Digital agency


  • Process transformation on manufacturing
  • Business Process Optimization on Procurement
  • Intelligent planning
  • Predictive maintenance 

Supply chain

  • Optimization and maximum efficiency in supply chain
  • Automation
  • Real time architectures
  • Decision making

Offline Channels & Marketing

  • Floor planning/planogram
  • Space planning and indoor positioning
  • Assortment optimization
  • Category and stock management 

Online Channels & Marketing

  • Online strategy (SEO, SEM)
  • Marketing and RRSS
  • Content generation and optimization
  • eCommerce BPO


  • Pickup and delivery
  • On-time coordination
  • Reverse logistics 
  • Returns


  • Customer experience management
  • Low touch economy
  • Customer loyalty


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