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We enable technologies that contribute to improving digital customer experience, business engagement and new business models, as well as reducing costs and improving productivity by driving digital operational efficiency, sustainability and the intelligent enterprise.

Our expertise

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We focus on enhancing the digital customer experience for Teleco & Media companies, providing solutions for customer insight, loyalty, and sales growth for over 10 million users. We streamline operations for efficiency, integrate AI for business evolution, and support new revenue models and innovation.

Our value proposition

Sustainable growth and innovative business models

  • Digital customer experience

  • Digital operations & sustainability

  • Intelligent enterprise

  • Business engagement & new business models

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Pioneering Digital Innovation

Telefónica Telecom & Media Customer Experience SAP

Our digital solutions

Elevating customer experiences with advanced technologies and strategic insights


We enable service channels, enhance the digital customer experience by providing solutions for customer insight, customer loyalty and sales growth.

  • Customer data activation and growth
  • Self-service portals
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer onboarding
  • Intelligent channels

Business Engagement

We assess business needs to provide digital strategy, sales growth and to get more engagement with your customer. 

  • Marketing automation
  • Point of Sale transformation
  • Ecommerce
  • Smart supply chain 

Telecom Management

We help you evolve your ecosystem and business management to improve technology and business outcomes.

  • Business process consulting
  • Business resources ERP
  • Document management
  • Process mining

Operations & Cybersecurity

Streamline operations to maximize operational efficiency of communication flow, processes, security and services.

  • Hyper automation
  • Cyberdefence
  • iAM
  • Devsecop
  • Trusted identity

New Business Models

  • New cross-business
  • Subscription
  • Digital strategy
  • Out-of-the box innovation

Leading Ecosystem Evolution

  • Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI
  • Quantum computing
  • Web 3.0
  • Edge computing


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