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January 25th marked an important milestone at VASS, revealing a new brand identity that reflects not only our journey as a company so far but our ambitions for the future.

For 25 years, we have been working together with our clients and partners to achieve shared goals. A company that delivers best-in-class digital innovation thanks to the capacities and talent of our 4,900+ experts in our whole ecosystem of companies that comprises the VASS of the present, providing digital solutions that lead people and organizations around the world on their transition towards the future to clients in 26 countries and 4 different continents.  

This new identity represents the company we are today, after many years of growth and transformation. It is the outcome of our evolution.

Now our mission has evolved to meet the new mission: to deploy the power of digital worldwide, leading people and organizations in different industries towards a brighter future. We have a new vision too: for VASS to become a leader for positive change, while always following the VASS way of making the complex simple. 

We have also worked hard on defining our purpose; to challenge digital complexity by bringing together talent, knowledge, and innovation – the VASS way, with passion, unity, and commitment. This is where our values come in. They embody the essence of VASS and our teams all around the world.  Together, we amplify our impact; stay true to ourselves; look beyond the ordinary; we understand we have a role to play, and we enjoy what we do.  

As our brand identity evolves, staying ahead in the rapidly advancing tech landscape is crucial. VASS's rebranding serves as a powerful vehicle to communicate and reinforce the company's commitment to innovation, an integral part of our DNA since its inception. 

We drive innovation through digital transformation using various solutions developed within the VASS ecosystem, providing our clients with cutting-edge technologies, the best talent, and our extensive knowledge. Our commitment to innovation encompasses cultivate talent through VASS University, collaborative co-creation with customers and partners for transformative solutions, and the advancement of research and innovation through initiatives such as the VASS Foundation and VASS Research.

In line with our commitment to talent development, our global presence continues to grow. With more than 4,900 experts from over 40 nationalities.

Thank you to the VASS community for your continued dedication and collaboration. Your contributions drive our success and inspire us to reach new heights. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for the digital landscape.

Our mission is to deploy the power of digital worldwide.


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