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The unwAIred

The Present, Past, and Future of AI Deployments

Join our host, Chris Brown, COO at Intelygenz, a VASS Company, as he explores the creation, functionalities, and potential impact of AI agents. Special guest Jonás Da Cruz, Co-founder / SVP Head of Engineering & AI Intelygenz, a VASS Company ‌adds valuable insights on how these agents are reshaping industries. Dive deep into the realm of AI evolution and discover the possibilities that lie ahead!

The unwAIred

AI Horizons: Foundations, Adaption, Governance

Exploring AI Horizons on "The UnwAIred" Podcast!  Join Frankie Carrero, Director of Data and AI at VASS, as he delves into the foundations, adaptation, and governance of artificial intelligence. Special guest Javier Yuste, Chief Data Officer at Zurich Insurance Spain, shares insights on leveraging AI for streamlined processes and enhanced customer experiences. Tune in for a deep dive into the evolving landscape of AI!

The unwAIred

What has AI done for marketing lately?

Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast where host Chris Brown, COO of Intelygenz, a VASS company engages in a captivating conversation with Chris Vriavas, VP of Product and Strategy at CONTENTgine. In this episode, our guest shares invaluable insights not just into the cutting-edge techniques that have propelled CONTENTgine to the forefront of AI-driven marketing but also how they've successfully integrated AI into their products and implemented strategic change management to embrace the technology. Discover how these key factors have led to the holy grail of creating true market differentiation and an impressive return on investment. Whether you're a marketing enthusiast or a business leader looking to transform your marketing game, this episode is a must-listen.

The unwAIred

AI Hype to ROI

Explore the practical side of AI in the first episode of The UnwAIred hosted by Chris Brown, COO of Intelygenz, a VASS Company and Frankie Carrero, Director of Data & AI at VASS.

In an era of AI hype, we dissect real-world applications, revealing its impact on revenue, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. From off-the-shelf solutions to custom models, gain insights into successful AI integration and debunk common myths.

Tune in and discover the authentic potential of AI for business success.

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