AI + Data + CRM: VASS’s Pioneering AI Solutions for Customer magic

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, customer expectations are undergoing a profound transformation. Exposed to an unprecedented level of hyperpersonalisation, and seamless experiences across various industries, consumers look for companies that offer them a unique journey.  With the proliferation of AI, data analytics, and CRM solutions and technologies, businesses are compelled to adapt and meet […]

09 Aug 2023

VASS shaping AI for what is next 

We at VASS recognise that Artificial Intelligence is no longer a distant future but today, AI is revolutionising the entire modern world in which we live at every possible level. For businesses now is the time for shaping what they want to be and step forward defining the next level of engagement with this technology.  […]

03 Jul 2023

The importance of ESG criteria for investors

ESG (Environmental, Social & Government) criteria go beyond baseline performance. This acronym represents a call for companies to better their public image, and so better serve and represent everything and everyone they touch. stakeholders, employees, communities, consumers, and the environment. These criteria are essential for the investment environment, especially as the market skews towards younger […]

Analyzing NFTs: Can digital art become the financial asset of the future?

The financial sector has existed in a period of profound transformation and growth for some years now. The changes are unstoppable, from the digitalization of banking to the emergence of neo banks. Even currency itself has gone digital, with cryptocurrency emerging as one of the trendiest assets in finance. Speaking of which: enter the “NFT”, […]

16 Apr 2023

How can ESG criteria be promoted by companies?

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria refer to the environmental, social and governance factors that companies take into account when investing and making decisions. In recent years, sustainability has leapt to play a major role in companies and even more so during the pandemic, with 65% of consumers expressing concern about this aspect. In this […]

09 Jan 2023

How to improve the organisations financial processes through automation?

The financial function of organisations is one of the most important back-office procedures because it generates information such as annual accounts, cash and working capital flows, investments, etc. and other analytical and business data necessary to support decision-making. Before Process Mining, consultants had to ask people individually in order to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks or weaknesses. […]

05 Dec 2022

Defining a strategy around the sales cycle in the banking sector

Increasing sales in the banking sector differs from other sectors because it is not a transaction of money in exchange for a product or service.   Instead, there is a contracting of a banking product commonly known as “upselling”. Even so, it is increasingly common for business models to change so that banks trade products […]

24 Oct 2022

The role of technology in the insurance sector: driving towards a digital future 

New technologies are redefining the way we work and every market’s strategies. There has been a continuous transformation with the emergence of new technologies in the insurance sector, that will allow insurers to improve their operations, redefine their products and services and grow their business. But what will the main technologies involved in this transformation […]

28 Sep 2022

Innovation and talent: VASS Group’s key assets to celebrate its 23rd anniversary

The world has changed a lot since 1999, and technology has evolved drastically with the appearance of new devices, such as smartphones and tablets which have brought about a real revolution, transforming everybody’s lives.    Digitalisation is everywhere, and the transformation that digital innovation brings is everywhere. Business models are transforming while new ones are emerging.     […]

08 Sep 2022

Are we surrounded by Artificial Intelligence? Solutions and applications of the technology of the future

ChatBots, predictive tools, process automation, Machine Learning, natural language interpretation, data processing, Digital Twins… What do these solutions and technologies have in common? Exactly: Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, it is almost too difficult to talk about technology and digitalisation without disscusing AI, and its applications seem infinite in terms of solutions, use cases, and sectors. From […]

10 Aug 2022

How to build an effective Loyalty programme? Technology and personalisation

Loyalty is currently one of the marketing areas that companies are most concerned about. Keeping a customer is easier and cheaper than acquiring a new one, and, moreover, thanks to loyalty the Lifetime Value that each user generates for the company can be increased. However, building customer loyalty in today’s environment is not an easy […]

09 Aug 2022

Insurance digitalisation: more than the creation of online channels

The demands and needs of customers have evolved regarding insurance products, and digitalisation has also brought several changes. In fact, it is no longer just about traditional insurers going digital. What has changed in the insurance industry and the way it offers its products? Development of insurance applications It is crucial to optimise the experience […]

02 Aug 2022

IoT opportunities for telecommunications companies

Connected devices are becoming increasingly more common. Smart fridges, wearables capable of measuring our pulse, heaters that connect remotely, and so on. This not only applies at home, but IoT is also useful in companies and factories as it allows greater control in detecting errors and problems. The telecommunications sector benefits from all this usage […]

20 Jul 2022

3 basic applications of Blockchain in the banking sector

One of the main characteristics of Blockchain technology is the fact that it is decentralised, distributed, programmable and immutable. In other words, there is no owner of the Blockchain, all participants have a copy, it contains portions of code (Smart Contracts) and once something is written, it cannot be deleted nor modified. Its applications are […]

11 Jul 2022

From multichannel to omnichannel in telco customer service

Multi-channel and omni-channel are terms that seem similar but are very different from the customer’s point of view, and therefore, telcos need to evolve in this sense. This will enable them to improve their customer service and ensure user satisfaction. But what should telecommunications companies consider when taking this step? Multichannel or omnichannel? Multi-channel is […]

11 Jul 2022

Why is customer interaction essential in the telecommunications industry?

The telecommunications industry is very competitive and fast-moving, and the area of customer communication is not an easy one by any means. However, providing a good service is essential for any company in this sector, regardless of the type of service it offers. Today, it is clear that in order to be successful in telecommunications, […]

20 Jun 2022

Navigating an Everything as a Service (XaaS) approach

An Everything as a Service (XaaS) approach requires serious hand holding… Employee challenges and changing IT demands driven by the pandemic are accelerating the shift to services: software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service will continue to gain popularity. Technology companies have begun shifting to a service-based model for providing products and capabilities, whilst at the same time, […]

20 Jun 2022

Accelerating the transformation of the telecoms sector with No Code platforms

The pandemic has unleashed a big pressure on businesses across all industries, which have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation like never before. The telecommunications sector was no exception.  New forms of development such as Low Code and No Code platforms have emerged in recent years to help companies build platforms and more easily […]

01 Jun 2022

Benefits and challenges of Cloud Computing implementation in the banking sector

Cloud computing is capable of accelerating innovation and the transformation of companies, including those in the banking sector. This cloud-based technology (instead of its own physical servers) stands out for its low costs, as well as for the speed, agility, and security it offers to banks. It opens up a wider world of possibilities for […]

01 Jun 2022

RegTech: the future of the insurance industry

Evolving business models and the proliferation of innovative technologies are accelerating change within the insurance industry. While insurers recognise that they need to innovate, they are often hampered by the obligation to address ongoing regulatory challenges and associated compliance costs. However, insurers are beginning to look to new technologies for all areas of their business, […]

01 Jun 2022

How will the Metaverse affect the media?

The Metaverse has been an incredibly hot topic in recent months. Understanding and acknowledgement of its wider effect was slow to come at first, but Facebook’s name change was not merely coincidental – it was an emblematic of industry-wide recognition of the concept. To wit, Facebook/Meta was just the beginning: others are quickly following suit, […]

10 Mar 2022

What is Digital Asset Management?

The first step to understanding Digital Asset Management, is, of course, understanding digital assets…what are they? The concept of digital assets As technology continues to develop and mature, organisations have made more and more frequent use of what are called ‘digital assets’. Simply put, digital assets are just that: assets in the digital space. The […]

09 Mar 2022

Financial sector moves ever closer to sustainability

For some time now, asset managers have been offering sustainability-focused products to meet growing market demand in this area. However, digital investment is becoming increasingly common in Europe, a trend driven by several factors: investor interest, social demands, and the current regulatory environment. Although the European Union is still lagging digitally, this growth indicates its […]

08 Dec 2021

The importance of Digital Identity and identifying relevant trends

Companies are continually adopting new digital technologies to increase operational agility and add value for their customers. This means that core business processes must also adapt to different customer, employee, and partner segments. Likewise, there is a requisite adjustment period to new hosting models and devices to ensure secure access to systems and applications. This […]

01 Dec 2021

Request to Pay: A new approach to payment processing

Open Banking and regulations both at the European level and in other regions of the world are driving innovation in the financial sphere and the emergence of new means of payment. Among them is a new type of payment, whose regulation was launched in November 2020 and is called “Request to Pay” or R2P. This […]

17 Nov 2021